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The Warrior with the cursed sword

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Minimalist platformer game in which you need to guide a warrior to solve the dungeon puzzles while he tries to resist the curse of his sword.

Beat all levels, kill the final boss, and then try Time Mode!
WALKTHROUGH: https://youtu.be/7AjYlKLVtec

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nice game, but sometimes it can get a bit frustrating

I like the concept of this game. The story in particular is really good. Only thing dragging it down is that you have to utilize a game mechanic that is never hinted at anywhere to get the true ending.

I quite liked the concept and the puzzles but I gave up at level 11. I worked out how to do the level (I checked the walkthrough) but I found it too hard to push the block and then execute the jump in time. Time and again I was just too late. Slightly more time for the monster to thaw would have helped.


As a general rule, if you have to remind the player, with every single death, the rules of the puzzle; surely you're aware it's a bit too complex for its own good.

The plot and storyline was great, puzzles were challenging.
The one that interested me is that the plot was about a person that is struggling to finish both his goals and do the right thing, he knew that there was an easier way but it's up to the player how to do it, without the death of the people he killed or complete his goal with short number of sacrifices. It's about the player's will and choice to do the right thing or do what seems to be necessary and easy for him/her to complete her goal.

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3.63 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2019
5:43 AM EST