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Bunny Hop

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Author Comments


- Unique puzzle-platformer

- 15 challenging levels

- 12 In game achievements

- Tight and timing-based controls

- Every hop matters

- retro graphics and smooth hopping animation


R or Backspace - Restart Level

Right Click or Space - Jump

E or Middle Click - Switch Direction

W or Left Click - Dash

Game Rules Clarification:

  • There are two optional challenges for each level: Collect all carrots and completing the level with N jumps or less.
  • Collecting all the carrots will unlock the Crystal.
  • Eagle bar at the top of the screen indicates the "N jumps or less" challenge (e.g. get to the end before the bar counter reaches 0).
  • Next levels will unlock by just completing the previous levels.
  • New abilities will unlock as you progress.
  • You control hop's height and length by how long you are holding the Jump button.

Update 1.3.0:

Bug fixes:

- Jumping locked at some conditions.

- Jumping physics adjusted to feel more responsive.

- Input or actions carried over on respawn.

- Spikes inconsistent movement.

- Completed challenges not marked at the end of the level.

- Other UI and gameplay minor fixes.

- Some achievements not tracked properly.


- Level layouts slightly tweaked and enhanced.

- Added an "end game" message for completing all the levels.

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A little bit confusing initially, but ended up as a cool and challenging game. Wasn't sure how the crystals worked, or what the bird meter was all about, but eventually I realized it was about the challenges of collecting carrots and minimal jumps. A bit of a shame that the bird is a bad sign since it's such a cool and explosive ending to a level. Jumping mechanics were a bit glitchy and un-deterministic at times, but when it worked, it was a good experience.

Rock on! I haven't gotten into a game like this in a while

gamehoundgames responds:

Thank You! Happy to hear you enjoyed my game!

Cool concept, poor execution. This is the kind of game the developer thinks is finely balanced because they find it challenging, but they don't realize they're just unrealistically good at playing it after playtesting it for a month straight.

If you could make the smallest possible hop a LOT shorter, while keeping the overall arc of the jump the same, it would be a lot better. Just use a different calculation the first couple frames the button is held down. If Super Mario Bros could do it in 1983, you can do it in 2020.

gamehoundgames responds:

Thanks for trying my game.

The hop length is as short as it is by design and is not a "technical limitation".

> ...because they find it challenging, but they don't realize they're just unrealistically good...

Thank You! I appreciate the compliment that my game gave the impression of multiple developers. Bunny Hop was created by one person (myself).

Pretty fun game.
Pretty cool concept
But the game has issues, poladoxia's review has details about said issues
There is no need to copy poladoxia's review so that's all i had to say

The levels and mechanics are well-designed and thought through, but for a precision platformer it's let down in a number of areas by polish issues:
- Controls are a bit too heavy, especially turning the bunny, which is very laggy and borderline unresponsive on slopes
- The camera movement's preference for scrolling the screen all in one go is very annoying when there's a flying spike or some such. Plus controls are less responsive while the screen is moving.
- Button presses seem to carry over between deaths, so the thing you were doing when you died sometimes gets performed when you're returned to a checkpoint/level-start. This is particularly infuriating when you're trying to beat the move limit.
- Generally, a precision platformer should seek to make the transition from death to restart as frictionless as possible. AFAIK There's no button/keystroke for quick restarting. Moving to the mouse to the pause button and clicking restart is unflowy.
- When trying to beat the jump-limit, checkpoints become fail-states, as you aren't reset to the number of jumps you had when you triggered it. If that's intentional, at least give me a quick way to restart the level.
- Switches don't activate consistently, especially if you're trying to reactivate one
- Turning the bunny should never result in you sliding off a ledge or dying to spikes
- If you land on a moving platform/platform edge/slope and immediately jump, your double jump doesn't consistently get reactivated
- Carrot target areas seems bit too fussy at times, especially given the relative imprecision of jump landings. Like: if I'm a few pixels away from a carrot then it should get claimed.
- The visual language of the level complete screen makes it seem like you've completed the tasks when you haven't. Carrots are grey text that turns highlighted white when you collect all of them with no checkmark, while the move limit starts as highlighted white text when you haven't beaten it and gains a checkmark when you have.
- There's no carrot counter during the level
- Platforms have slidey corners, which is especially annoying when they are very small and/or the vertical face has spikes on it that will immediately kill you
- If you land next to spikes, you should be able to jump over them without dying. Either the start and end of spike rows should be tapered so they don't immediately kill the bunny at the start of its jump, or the spikes should be lowered into the ground, so that the bunny's initial leap doesn't always hit them. If landing somewhere is going to cause you to die, it should do so immediately rather than putting you in a fail-state that isn't revealed until your next move.
- Sometimes when you land on a corner or seam between two slopes the jump button stops working.

Platformers like this are in their very nature frustrating, but I think the key to designing them well is that the frustration lands more on the player's inability to meet its demands than with the controls/mechanics/etc.

gamehoundgames responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

Some of the issues with the jumps not working, input carrying over on death and few other will be addressed in the next patch I will release shortly.

Also, currently the Restart shotcut key is set to Backspace, but it will be also set to R in the next update.

Few other issues are also valuable and some of them are intentional by design and other [physics-related] (wacky corners) is something that are, unfortunately, is the result of lack of experience with the engine at the time of development.

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2019
10:49 AM EST