Emiliano Zapata

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I love México, with all my heart, but sadly it is one of the most sexist places in latin america.
Recently, an artist painted one of Mexicos most important historic figures in an effeminate way and showing a horse with a huge dick, shortly a group of people protested outside of Bellas artes forbidding entry to anyone wanting to see the painting and even beating up some of the LGBT community that counter protested.

I am against all kinds of censorship and this is my way of protesting, the only way I know how... Drawing huge horse dongs.

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lmao this made international headlines, its pretty silly it came to that.

Amen, cencsorship is bullshit.

HugoVRB responds:

Censorship in art makes me fucking mad.

As a Mexican living in another country, I've realized the amount of sexism I grew up in. I always thought of myself as a feminist and always friendly with my female friends, but living outside of Mexico for so long I've became aware of my own sexist ideas, it's ingrained so deep in our culture that we don't immediately notice it. I for one find this animation hilarious and would loved it if it was a historic fact that Zapata did an act similar to Godiva. Now we need a fanfic of Hidalgo and Morelos and their starstruck love!

HugoVRB responds:

The exact same thing happened to me my friend.
I honestly just want to do a short animation with hidalgo and morelos to piss people the fuck off haha
Un saludo hermano!