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Occupational Hazards Episode 2 V0.7.0

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NOTE: At this point the game has gotten pretty large in terms of file size, and as such you may experience delays while switching between the credits scene and the main game - a proper loading screen will be implemented eventually, but for the time being patience is the only answer.

Its time for another public Alpha of Occupational Hazards Episode 2!

The game is still pretty bare-bones, and not very polished. But I think there is enough new content for a public release.

Most notably for this version is the complete UI overhaul. At long last I've manaaged to work closely with a designer and get everything looking nice, crisp, and unified - hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I do~

Downloadable public builds are available via my Patreon page for those who are interested (you do NOT need to be a patron to access them)

V0.7.0 Changelog:
- Complete UI overhaul.
- Slight rework to the tutorial to make it work with the new UI.
- Implemented job 6 for all 3 factions.
- Added 8 more scenes to the milk bar
- Added art for one of the encounters with Artica at the brothel
- Added art for pawnshop job 6
- Added art for tentacle farm
- Various bugfixes.

Relatively short changelog this time, and admittedly there is less new main story content than I'd like there to be, but its high time the new UI gets shown to the public.

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Loved the first game, loving the second one. My one suggestion would be to possibly add in an exhibitionist mechanic, or some way to go out in minimal clothing. If this is already planned, then I'll look forward to it, as that was my favorite ending in the first game.

SamanthaSnow responds:

Exhibitionism is indeed planned for Episode 2!^^
It has however proven to be one of the more challenging things to implement, so it's likely it's addition will be towards the end of the development process~

I like what ive seen so far. Cant wait for the other places to come out. Up until now you can only visit the market south and not earn money. Great game!

SamanthaSnow responds:

That is not entirely true.. but it IS a known bug that I'm having trouble squishing. There are two whole planets to explore, but occasionaly the game locks in a tutorial state without actually *playing* the tutorial sequence...

Make sure you press "new game" the first time you play, I think one of the things that trigger the bug is attempting to load a save that doesn't exist, hope that helps^^'

so anytime i try to load into the game it loadsin with the newgrounds logo and then gives me the wierd broken face icon, help?

SamanthaSnow responds:

Sounds to me like your browser is having trouble loading the unity player - I don't really know why that might happen, or how to fix it, but I'd reccommend trying a different browser and seeing if that helps^^

Enjoy the game, but I'm having a problem with the downloaded version. It's stuck in a small screen, with no way to maximize/go full screen.

SamanthaSnow responds:

Glad to hear it^^

As of yet there isn't an in-game option to change the display resolution. When you first start the game however the unity launcher pops up allowing you to set the resolution before starting the game, for now thats your only option - The unity launcher also has the option of starting the game in fullscreen. Hope that helps :3

Enjoyable update to the RPG. Kind of reminds me of another furry Text RPG game (Trials in Tainted Space (whose name eluded me for awhile)) for some reason.

The graphics are nice and it's nice to see a lot of variety in art styles from different people who have helped contribute to this game to bring it to where it currently is.

The gameplay is about Samantha who wants to get back to her home planet but needs to work, do favors, and be careful as she does what she needs to do in order to get back home. Looking forward to when the game is finally 100% finished someday, had a lot of fun reading the story as it happened.

The audio is relaxing, good choices for the music. ^_^

Overall, fun text based rpg, makes me want to play more text based rpgs again.