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Escort Quest

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Cora and Laranja find the red haired elf V'eara but to recharge her mana things are going to have to get steamy.

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Zer0-3D responds:

Danke ^^

I'm totally ok with having to read CC/subtitles if the actual sex scenes have sound. At 4:05 is there is a weird angle and the goth's (cora maybe?) face was at an angle that made it look very strange. But it was very interesting and had good "plot" that joke works right? she totally has a horse cock.

Good work, chief. I especially love the goth model.

Zer0-3D responds:

Why thank you, am glad, I spent a lot of time making her ^^

Well damn

Zer0-3D responds:

indeed ;)

ggs boys