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Dick Dodge!

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Took me a while to make this dinosaur dash clone. I made this for a college project in my new media course and I am an amateur so don't be too rough on it.

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My dad came in while I was playing this and I got dicked

why is it so half-assed, that even saying "half" is giving way to much credit.

My mom came in while I was playing this and now i'm grounded

If you are going to try to be weird, vulgar, lewd, or disgusting for no reason other then "HAHA *inappropriate thing here* FUNNIE" at least put some damn effort into it. This isn't just half assed, this is the antithesis of putting love and care into a game. But I hear you saying "Fox, Its supposed to be bad!" That's no excuse. If I shit and piss on a piece of paper and frame it as art saying "Its supposed to be bad" I'd still be shunned. Put fucking effort into your work people. Not just for us, but for you. Make something you'll be proud to look back on, something you love. (0/10)

the game is boring, the art is ugly and bland, the controls are broken, this one has no redeeming qualities.