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Overlusthood legends. Early Acces - December 5, 2019.

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You’ll be overcome with lust!

In TeasinCity, the hometown of our main character, girls are disappearing en masse. Who’s behind it? Slave traders, mystical ancient evil or both?
To figure it out and stop it is up to our hero. But sometimes good deeds require getting to the bottom of city’s darkest and most perverted secrets.

Overlusthood Legends is a NSFW quest in a sci-fi fantasy setting with elements of life and dating simulator, and a unique story with unexpected plot twists.
Every character you meet, regardless of its sex, race or occupation, has two sides and can end up in your bed if you put a little effort into it.

IMPORTANT: This build is the first demo version of the game. Please inform us of any mistakes and share your thoughts of the gaming process. We are maximally open to suggestions.

In the nearest updates:

- Story development
- New characters and plot lines
- New locations and sub locations: main character’s house, park with separate alleys and thick bushes, Panda’s night club, casino, mall, main character’s workplaces, otherworld, etc
- Learning mechanisms and jobs for the protagonist, from stripper or dealer to deputy mayor
- Mini games
- Russian language support
- А countless number of erotic and porno scenes.

You can support the development of our project and receive many bonuses.


Also, here you can download PC, Mac, Android, and IOS versions of the game.
The game is updated and expanded regularly, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest and attention. Additional thanks for your support!

Let’s play!

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game is dead yeah? no updates in nearly a year on the patreon page

honestly kinda cool. looking for further releases!

Begins with an assault on a sympathetic character, and an abduction with rapey overtones. After that I didn't want to see any more. I found it highly disturbing!

released a day before my birthday, nice

Nothing really to add to previous commenters. Having actual gameplay would be nice but for demo it's great. I rarely pledge on Patreon, but I will at least follow your page.