Halloween - Cooking With Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony [MLP] Hentai Parody Game

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Another fun and new cooking game with pinkie pie!, this time, cook a new recipe with the cutie mark crusaders!

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Several of the games are broken, namely Sweetie Belle's and Pinkie's. If you miss even once with Sweetie's, you can't complete the game (any ball past the 10th won't spawn).

Pinkie's outright crashed the game during the tutorial, and the instructions aren't very clear.

This game needs some serious work.

That said, the artwork is decent. Applebloom and Scootaloo's games, while not difficult, are enough to wake up a groggy brain. I'll give you credit for that. It's just not enough to overtake the literally game-breaking bugs I've encountered. I would suggest adding in a 'lives' counter, as missing even one green heart will result in a failure. It's a bit too intensive.

HentaiRed responds:

It is probably browser incompatibility, please download this same game at: https://hentaired.itch.io/

i just like the face of the 1 1/5 star guy

I say this game is a nice one but I think it could use some fine tuning on the last mini game. it literally glitches everytime I play it and doesn't show any signs of responding after I win.

first mini game doesn't recognize greens a lot causing unneeded failure maybe up the window for successa Tiny bit maybe 1 second xtra?

with the sweetie belle game why do the balls go in the pussy... then fall out the front?