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What you are doesn't matter, but where you go and what you do does.

WASD/Arrow Keys to move. Press "O" & "P" keys at the same time to reset the room and player (not the entire level or game).

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I could play this all day (instead of working)

Good game, what code did you use to program this with? Also, with the blue horizontal following pieces, in the room with 3 blue pieces, the middle one phases through the wall, just to let you know :3

BlooOwlBaba responds:

Hey thanks a lot! I used Unity/C# for this one. One other person mentioned that bug and I'll have to take a closer look at that!

I actually enjoyed it, the gameplay, the ideas, the music
Not so hard

Pretty good, a fun simple game that's challenging enough.

Some annoying things though is the detection on your body getting you stuck on a wall when you want to move, getting stuck in doorways. Maybe have some doorways not freeze you in place in levels where you got to move would be a great help, but otherwise I had fun. Nice aesthetic too.

The start can be a little frustrating (the difficulty curve isn't completely even) but it gets VERY good after the first few puzzles!

Very challenging game, 100% worth playing