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Barrel Blast Cum - Day of Reckoning

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High Scores

Cum Drinking Champions
1. xXMortyXxalv 69

Author Comments

press spacebar to shoot out of the barrels,

get to end of level to post your final score, (the level isnt long so dont give up fag)

otherwise youll just get a score of 69 LOL got him!

also look at my utube plz,


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*sigh*, they had to scrap this level from Donkey Kong Country because the title wasn't "E for Everyone"

Pretty good game. It's all about precise timing, which I like. It isn't boring and is long enough for the player's satisfaction. The confetti sounds are like each one of them say "Congratulations" when you press space. 4/5 because the barrels can glitch out sometimes which makes them invisible, which is pretty annoying.

ZabuJard responds:

thanks for review. this is one of my funnest games in my opinion, but not many people see it in the sea of ZJ games. a gem IMO

fun fact: there is no terminal velocity
i learnt this one the hard way

did you guys try the new garlic sprite?

ZabuJard responds:


i did not cum.. . but sprite is ok. root beer would be better....