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Guilmon Bound (Interactive)

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Author Comments

This project took me forever and I'm proud that I finally got it done!
Presenting "BizzyView", my interactive video viewer.

Featuring an extended version of the Guilmon bondage video, where you can now choose what happens, as well as some secret outcomes and reactions ;)

Check out the first-time tour for a quick start, or open the help screen if you need more info.
I really hope you like it! :)

Send me feedback / bug reports in the comments or as a private message.

=== Credits ===

I (bizzyniz) created the video viewer from scratch, as well as the animation and sound effects.
Huge thanks to Cottontail for her voice talent! https://twitter.com/cottontailva
And special thanks to everyone who donated and helped me finance this! <3

=== Commissions ===

Sadly, I still don't have enough time to work on commissions.
I'm also not sure whether I'll be doing interactive video commissions, because this stuff takes waaay longer than regular animations.

=== Privacy ===

You don't need to be logged in to use BizzyView, nor does it store any information related to your account or person.
Any settings are stored in the browser's local storage, so they won't be sent anywhere and will only be evaluated on your device.
After donating, you receive a link together with a password to a private Newgrounds upload - again, you don't need to be logged in for this.

=== Future ===

Working on this project was a lot of fun, so I'll definitely work on improving the viewer with new features and fixes over time.
If there is any interest, additional content in this format might follow.

I'll keep the rights to the viewer's code to myself for now, as it is still pretty experimental and heavily geared towards the kind of content I create.
If you are interested in how something works, or want to talk to me about it, just message me anywhere! c:

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This is great, you should definitely do more of these.



good graphics make it with three next time