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Yonder Ho! - Curse of the Calamari Queen (Chapter 4)

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A quaint new installment in the ongoing Curse of the Calamari Queen Saga. Thank you all for watching!!

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- 1991

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"watching PG-13 movies without parental guidance"
That shit cracked me up.
Congrats on the daily 3rd place, by the way.

Bertn1991 responds:

Oh wow, I didn't even realize it placed. Also, I'm glad you find Pete's weirdness entertaining. I love 'em ^.^'

That modern day gender role shizzle. XD And the intermissions are back! Seems there won't be any major downside to these shorter segments after all. Still jumps a bit, but when it's all said and done it's all sentient fun too. Interesting new characters popping up in the plot too... Gemini seems friendly. :3 Been thinking restaurants for pets might be a pretty good sell but maybe they actually already exist somewhere...

Looking forward to the next Chapter!


Bertn1991 responds:

This one was my favorite segment to work on so far. I'm glad you enjoy the little intermission parts returning :)

Hmm, pet restaurants. Let's make it happen!

The two intermission scenes in the middle of the video is something I totally would never expect to see in any animation. Ever. You got some fat guy through tiny beds from underneath him onto another pile of tiny beds. Or are they tiny Tigers? Then you got a giant cheetah vomiting tiny giraffes in the ocean from a sandy beach. Or are they tiny Llamas?
The robot character is cool too. Like a female Baymax wanting to make friends.
Keep up this cool series. I wanna see what comes next.

Bertn1991 responds:

The intermissions are a series staple. I include them as a callback to Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo since it's where childhood me first got started with animation and music. The fat guy is throwing tiny cats onto a pile of other cats. As for the other one, you're pretty much right. They're just weird little animations made in Mario Paint and filmed with whatever potato I was using at the time these were recorded.

Also, thanks for watching once again. The show will continue ^_____^

I've lost track of what the story is about. It's just figuring out how to remove the tentacles from their home, isn't it?

I enjoyed the interaction with the waitress... Gemini, right? Not sure what the start of the video was about with whats-his-face. I did enjoy the Mad Lib segment. Nice bit of Bertn flair.

Bertn1991 responds:

All my thanks are belong to you. Yes, that's roughly the plot here. Whats-his-face isn't integral to this story, he's along for the ride nonetheless. Also, I do like mad libs ^____^