Magic Balls

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Nice game

like bubble gobble,a similiar game.


I gave you a 0 because...

1. I've seen about 2 different versions of this so 0 for originalty.
2. It's slow.
3. It's boring: All you need are two balls to make them disapear?
4. The effects were very bad. All it is is push left: SNAP! Your there. Nothing really moves, it just disapears and reappears.

Maybe you could make a more original version, give it a plot, and add some motion. I mean, this is clearly stolen anyways, so I'm doubting your gonna make another one.

O come on

I own the game of bust-a-move the original arcade game. In the original arcade form as in I bought the whole system. And it just is a complete rip off of it. I mean bust-a-move has better graphics even. And much better coding. Just never rip off something again. Which you so far haven't.

Hard to understand at first..

Then it seemed to be more and more like Tetris. Only using small round balls instead of blocks.

It's addictive, easy to get into, but a little background music would've been good. And it's lack of violence is made up with, uh, nothing.

sucked monkey butt

try to make a game that people actully want to play, perhaps one that doesnt blow entirely, cause than it would be a decent game and people would like it and everyone would live happily ever after.

Credits & Info

2.66 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2002
10:02 AM EST
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