Magic Balls

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yes, miniclip makse me cry some more...

gah aggravation

very fun! but it got impossible after the 3rd round :(

Bugged (it seems)

Vaguely interesting concept, which fails to deliver.

Possible bug - why does the screen advance down the screen, then return up 80% of the time when I burst bubbles?

I couldn't see any pattern with when the screen would return and when it wouldn't - whether regarding number of bubbles burst or whether the bubbles were the originals.

This proved incredible annoying and made failure often seem like the fault of the computer.

The random selection of bubble also annoyed but to a lesser extent.

Sheesh, what is his problem?

Those are called "recreations" and they are a lot more common than you may think. We all know it's a copy of a nintendo game already! And it's called "Bust a Move"

Now to review the game. Good recreation and all, but I don't think it would hold my attention for long. Also don't any bubbles not hooked to any other bubbles fall off the board?

Gee whiz, this is dumb.

WOW! What an original idea! Shoot balls into other balls while the screen comes down slo... waiiiiit, THIS IS A CARBON COPY OF THAT ONE GAME FOR NES AND ARCADE! (I just can't recall the name of it, I have so much rage.) In a word, GAAAAKKK!


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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2002
10:02 AM EST
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