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Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you, "STEAMPUNK," a sci-fi film nearly a year in the making. With unprecedented animation and effects from the studio, and boasting nearly the longest running time yet attempted, STEAMPUNK is sure to dazzle and delight audiences around the world.

Containing an original score, a star-studded cast, and incredible sound effects, you may be sure that no matter how astonishing the video may be, the audio is no less amazing. So come now, and observe this marvelous masterpiece, this preeminent picture, this superlative selection of cinema!

A Pritchard Studios Production.

Originally released on Youtube in February of 2014.

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I remember seeing this back when it was released and thinking as an amateur brickfilmer that THIS is what I want my movies to be like. STEAMPUNK is inspirational, exciting and just so cool.

The animation is very well done, the sets are amazing and some of the camerawork is simply brilliant: for example that elevator shot somewhere at 4:07.

The music is also great, very cinematic and adds a lot to the mood. The only thing I had problem with while rewatching the movie, is the sound mixing: it's sometimes hard to hear what the characters are saying over the loud music.

But this doesn't take away from the fantastic film: the characters are compelling and interesting, and the story simply sucks you in. I remember that this film inspired me to start thinking about longer brickfilms (which inspiration led to the Time Cruisers: Origins brickfilm I'm working on).

Well done. This is one of my all time favorite brickfilms and thank you for making it and inspiring others!

PritchardStudios responds:

Thanks for the high praise!
If others are entertained by it, and more, inspired by it, what more could I ask?
It's awesome to hear that I helped you along; it's been a joy to see your own films and skills grow over the years. In fact, you've inspired me along the way.

I agree, Tom did a good job writing the music for the film.

Also, good point about the voices. That's another reason I'm taking the time to remaster my Doctor Who film's audio, as sound balancing has been something of a struggle for me through the years. It's just too bad I didn't think to do that on this film until too late.

Thanks again for taking the time to review the film! This made my morning.

Solid animation and cinematography with a fun story. The only thing I would change is the time and date stamps that are shown at the bottom of the frame when there is a time jump. The font and format used looks similar to what they use in music videos so it seemed a little out of place. You could probably get by without having them at all. Other than that it was really well crafted. Great work guys!

PritchardStudios responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! That's a great insight about the text, I'll certainly keep that in mind.