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Pokemon Sword & Shield's BIGGEST Problem

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With a slew of controversies overshadowing the release of the Pokemon Sword & Shield, criticisms of the game and its design choices are easily overlooked. In this video, I divulge what I consider to be the single greatest flaw of Pokemon Sword & Shield.

The audio for this project was recorded in a single take at 5am on my cellphone and is completely improvised. Viewer discretion advised.

Art by Stanpai & Bergmite.

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Thank you, for shedding light on the second coming of the devil. We must come together as a society to ensure that no man, woman, or child suffers the fate of being berryless at the mercy of a skwovet's fat, greedy cheeks.

The sooner we can stop these wretched creatures from populating the Earth with it's army of sin, the sooner the world shall become a better place. To quoteth the words of a reliable source, a safe-haven for well researched opinions:

"Pokemon Sword and Shield; 0/10, too much Skwovet" —IGN

Stanpai responds:

Only by coming together to face these monsters and expose them for what they are can we put an end to this mayhem.

Oh yeah, had this again. Fuck that fat squirrel.

i dont even know what a squvet or however you say its name is and didnt even know it existed until now yet i am extremely offended and disgusted by its existence.

Stanpai responds:

God speed. Spread the word.

You talk like Skwovet fucked your girlfriend while you watched or something lmao

Stanpai responds:


Love the little mario meme there :)