Hellscape (Version 0.01)

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Hellscape is an erotic strategy RPG in development by Bakezori Games. The game features a blend of RPG and Visual Novel mechanics to deliver a challenging, story-driven experience.

If you enjoy the game and would like to help fund its development, please consider supporting the project on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/bakezorigames

This is Version 0.01 of Hellscape, so needless to say, things are likely to be a bit rough. If you have any issues with the web version, you can download the game at https://www.patreon.com/posts/version-0-01-is-31705309

You can also get the game on itch.io at https://bakezorigames.itch.io/hellscape

You can also report any bugs or issues you have with the game by sending an email to bakezorigames@gmail.com

Thanks for playing!

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For a game that is rather evidently still in it's early stages, this was quite high quality and better than I expected it to be. The combat system is simple, yet has a decent amount of depth to it with lighting bushes on fire, etc:

Hot scenes
Simple combat system
Well explained tutorial
Simple movement system
Lots of areas for improvement
Good music!

Main character's face looks a little off, I can't quite put it, but during scenes and in general she just looks a bit odd
Seduction is almost a little too strong in fights, maybe getting a progressions system for seduction with levels (this isn't really a con but just something I noted)
Little explanation of the wardrobe right click to exit would have been helpful

Other than that, pleasantly surprised with the game, will probs have a look on patreon, and other than that, an text save option would be nice (saving your game as a string of text), but I recognise that's probably not easy to implement

Bakezori responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm planning to hire an artist at some point to redo a lot of the images in the game, so hopefully, any issues with the characters' faces will be resolved at that point.

Battle mechanics generally still need a bit of work, I think. Seduction will be a bit less OP in later versions (once we start encountering enemies which require multiple hearts to seduce), but it'll likely be a while before I get the balance right.

I'm actually planning a text save option, but I need to work on encryption first. I'll (hopefully) have this done by the time I release the next public demo.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Nice combat, normal fights are easy but boss fight really used all elements.
Can play with only mouse :P
Music is nice and relaxing
Dialogs are good too, nothing exceptional, but really solid.
The art is mostly splendid
Dynamic lighting was cool, but maybe conceal movement of non visible enemies. Otherwise it is pretty easy to guess where they are.
Not too much story so far, but still I´m intrigued and want more :)

The faces of the characters look really really weird sometimes.

Show if hover over enemy if it has a aoe attack (troll?) or one time range stuff (stones of goblins). Of course this takes a little bit of edge out of the fights, because you know the range of enemies, but at least with the stones it is just a little bit frustrating to get hit by one while masturbating. It feels a little bit like you have to bait it out of em to really start the battle, so showing it at the beginning would give me as a player a little heads up.

Another thing would be that a slider comes up if you try to sell an equipment like a goblin necklace. I could not move the slider up above one even tho I had three. So if it is intended only for stacks of items, then remove the slider from items that don´t stack or search the inventory for multiples and let me sell more than one at a time.

The click to move needs a really short click in my opinion. It happened to me multiple times, that I wanted to click and move and it started the drag movement so after releasing my click I stopped moving. Maybe I´m a really slow clicker, but never had this problem before.

Nothing major, but one little thing in the inn. Here is the rundown.
1. I exited the inn, without picking up the chest in the corridor.
2. I reentered the inn.
3. Without any previous movement I clicked on the chest.
4. Izobel made one step forward and turned around.
5. Then I got the loot out of the chest while still standing half a screen away.

As I said nothing major, but might come up if you have some puzzles later on and someone can cheat the system that way.

Again something minor would be, if you hold the left mouse button during a screen transition the circle, that appears to indicates where the mouse is currently, does not show up. It is just the plain cursor.

Bakezori responds:

Thanks so much for the review!

I'll look into adding enemy attack ranges at some point in the future (alongside enemy movement ranges).

I actually forgot that I made equipment unstackable. That should be a pretty simple fix.

I'll also look into increasing the time allowed for the click to move feature.

Regarding the bugs:

I can't replicate the glitch exactly as you've described it, but I'm familiar with a similar bug where you can trigger interactions with distant objects and suspect that they're related. I'm still looking into it.

I'm aware of the second bug you mentioned as well, but haven't yet got around to addressing it.

Thanks again for the review!

Honestly really well made, im looking forward to future releases. if youre stuck in the wardrobe right click on the dress.

game has really good art
storyline is pretty good

seduction is the way to win most battles
few minor glitches

Bakezori responds:

You can just right-click to exit the wardrobe. Sorry for the confusion.

Got stuck on the second tutorial. I can't make any move.

Bakezori responds:

Sorry to hear that! I know it's been a few weeks since you posted this, but if you can remember at what in point in the battle you got stuck, I would appreciate a bit more info. Thanks!