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iF Idle Pirates Story v.1.027

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New version 2.0020: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/747617?updated=1581020696

Alpha launch, no save, no sound

iF Idle Pirates Story

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was an alright game. 3 problems though:
1) I'm guessing no auto-save or save feature because I've just come back a few weeks later and no file, as if I've never played before

2) When I played a few weeks ago only took about 24hrs to get everything possible done

3) None of the "Reward Video's" work so why offer them?

KotVMeshke responds:

Hi gambit374. Thanks for your feedback.

Try play Full version: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/745915

In full version:
1) auto-save
2) with VIP Diamonds you can complete the game faster
3) added free VIP Diamonds (every 30sec)
"Reward Video's" work only android app version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ifgames.piratesstory

There's no passive income and you can only have one quest active at a time(and of course, you can only store 10 keys)... not much of an idle game when you have to check it every minute or so, is it?

Some more things I've noticed and want to complain about:
XP: As of right now, XP seems to be a pointless mechanic. What you can level up appears to depend entirely on what things you get from chests, at least through early game, with no choice involved. Given that it seems downright silly that gems are completely worthless unless you need them for a quest RIGHT NOW(what, you can't just store them in a chest or something?), I'd either drastically rebalance XP gain/spending, or just get rid of it and replace it with passive gold income and using gold for upgrades instead. Replacing it with passive income would also solve the problem of needing to check the game every minute or so to get anything meaningful.

Chests: Having chests isn't a bad idea, but I'm not a fan of needing to rely entirely on RNG for upgrades. It takes what could be an interesting strategic element and replaces it with busywork. Do you want to upgrade the common gem first so as to do quests as quickly as possible, or upgrade a rarer gem to get more XP and "harder" quests that give better rewards, or chests to get more upgrades? Doesn't matter, because what upgrades you get are entirely decided by RNG. I would advice seriously rethinking how you want them to work. Maybe make keys rarer, and have the chests give various boosts(as in "double gold income for 5 minutes kind) instead.

Quests: Apart from being your only real source of income the quests, too, feel like they've been stripped of any meaningful choices they might contain. Is a quest to get 11 garnets going to take longer than the quest to get 5 rubies? Well, I'm fairly certain garnets are supposed to be more common than rubies, but I'd have to actually go check the upgrade screen to know for sure, and by the time I've done that I've already wasted more money than either of the quests would give me. And of course, you have to actually click on the quest to see how much it pays.

Frankly, it feels like this game is at least a few months from being ready for public testing(also known as beta testing, alpha being internal testing by the devs).

KotVMeshke responds:

Thanks a lot to jpuroila for your detailed feedback.
I got a lot of valuable information,
If I hadn’t shown the game to real players, then developing a few months in the wrong direction will simply kill both the game and the team.

...It looks like it might turn out okay? Good graphics, basic gameplay loop seems satisfying. I'd suggest a higher starting key cap and the ability to expand it in further versions; not very idle as is

KotVMeshke responds:

Thanks for the good feedback.
Yes, I removed the additional functionality - gem mining at the click of a button (so that the game does not become a clicker). Therefore, the idle-hyper casual game turned out.