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Spoople Knows: Jobs

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Spoople here. Yes, that Spoople.

I am back again to tell you about my jobs, and what I know about them. I hope you are ready to know things.

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"Is that my son?"

And the following reactions were golden. The same can be said about the job frog bit.

Great colour palette, some great gags here and there. I would've liked perhaps more animation-wise. I liked the fact that Spoople did all the voices, but perhaps he could try to impersonate the other characters more (especially if it still clear that it is Spoople doing them).

So much knowledge, Spoople! Now I know what I've been doing wrong. Time to check that old frog!

It's a bit too dry for my taste but I liked the odd yet clean style of everything. It was definitely worth the watch.

FraserMcNiven responds:

Hello, Spoople here.

Thank you for your comments. I am very dry, like a lizard. And also very clean, like a lizard. I am glad you noticed these two things about me.

Okay then.

How surreal.

FraserMcNiven responds:

Spoople here.

Thank you.

Okay then.

Has a Jerry Jackson vibe to it. Very well done!

FraserMcNiven responds:

Hello, Spoople here.

It is a very nice vibe, thank you.

Okay then.

hes just naked mr crabs

ClockworkPixel responds:

Literally couldn’t be more different from Mr crabs lol