Spoople Knows: Jobs

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Spoople here. Yes, that Spoople.

I am back again to tell you about my jobs, and what I know about them. I hope you are ready to know things.

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Well little Spoople here really looks like a cross between Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm... and about 50 times more hilarious. *Not to undercut "AAHHHH!! Real Monsters" of course*

I really should have dove into your videos after watching "The Magician & The Mother" because this was fantastic and had me actually laughing out loud at various parts. I sincerely mean it when I say you - Fraser and Clockwork - are talented enough that you could put together some fantastic shorts; or perhaps use the ones you have on Newgrounds so far, and get them added to a television or streaming network. That is only my opinion of course, but these are just so good.

Also, I agree with Spoople; please never call me a Spooplet.

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you so much!