Santa Claus Is Dead

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A savage, brutal tale of Saint Nick's final, bloody holiday. Bear traps, firearms, chemical and nuclear weapons, OH MY!


Santa Clause is Dead!

YEAH! This rocked!

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This is made by Evil Dave what else can I say ??

Ok this was made by Evil Dave, which is good in my oppinnion. There is no interactivity which pisses me off cause i wanted to blow Santa to smitherenes so that chopped off a point. Other than that it kicks ass. I hope to see more


sweet mother of nazarith...

man, if you were going for creepy as hell...you got it. that was the freakest shit i've ever seen! good job you sick bastard! merry fucking christmas to you too.

Yes, This Is Great Flash.

Talk about setting the evil factor to 10~!
Evil Dave Rules, Snuff Said.

Ten's all around, baby!!!

Yeah!!! Fucking rock, Evil Dave!!!! You got that goth rock kinda thing going on and I think that's great. By the way on Napster they have Santa Claus is dead by Sam I Am. So you can get it from there. I went to your site and you said that you couldn't find it anywhere. Personally I think it was better that you sang it yourself because nobody gives a shit about people who steal other people's music and shit like that. And no, you don't sing TOO bad. Oh yeah, for a laugh, check back on this list of comments and look for EvilTurtle on page 2. Then take a look at some of the movies HE crapped out. It kinda made me chuckle when he was commenting on my movie, "Crazy Postal Guy-R.T.B.A." YOU CAN SHOOT A FUCKING HELICOPTER DOWN WITH A SHOTGUN!!!! So anyway, take care of your bad self. This movie has made me a fan now. I'm gonna check out that dancing aborted fetus at your site now. Bubbye.

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3.52 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2000
3:47 AM EST
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