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GTA: Vice City 5

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I went to browse my local video game store the other day.. i havent been in a few months. I noticed there were quit a few new items.. some really cool, some total crap. Well, here is what you get when you mix the cool.. with the crap.. enjoy.



thats nothing like vice that all the cheap ones put to gether

you dumb ass lamber

OMORPHEUS you are such a blamer you know that this flash OWNS. i can tell a lot of hard work went into making this and if you only knew anything about flash then you wouldnt be so snobby BIATCH!

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ns49er responds:

thanks, star

Uhh... It was okay.

It was all right. I liked the Grand Theft Auto graphics. But, what does this have to do with Vice City? The cars featured in this movie are from the originals, and those games didn't take place in the fictional city of Vice City. And one other thing, a tank from GTA wouldn't just chase you down, it would blow your ass up! I mean, I know I would if I knew the fucking Olsen Twins were in there driving...

- RPb

ns49er responds:

i only had an hours worth or free time to make this, so.. i didnt have time to make vice city type graphics.

what the fuck

Ns49er, please next time you have an idea you think is good, keep it in your head away from everybody. i, after watching this, feel im am stupider than befor. althought the music was good and i did enjoy the GTA like graphics, it was poorly executed and there is no excuse for that when the is other quality flashes here on NEWGROUNDS. EL LOCO HAS SPOKEN.

ns49er responds:

I did this just to make you feel stupider.. that was my goal. I wanted to prove that it was possible to get a negative IQ number.. it looks like it worked. PIE YOW

this is totally retarded

this doesn't even make sense. what does it have to do with GTA Vice City? and the Olsen Twins thing is totally random. this is just stupid/

ns49er responds:

It has nothing to go with vice city.. its to get sheep like you to watch my movie.

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2.88 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2002
4:22 AM EST
Comedy - Parody