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Seizure Machine "Boss Battle" [Official Video]

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Hey hope you and enjoyed and man this video was quite in fun but what in the gosh gully hay do youeoxioueiodjhfoihouidouzuefuihswgfifwieugfeiwgfiewugfwuifgeuyfgeyugfeuyagfyuekaskfgeysutfbvayukgfyukzgfkuyadszbvfkjydasgvfykjaedvfuyaevfuyzdvfaduykhvfkhgasvdfuky eqav fduykqvfyuqwevfuyefvuyavcyauvfdukyasvdfkyjsvfkyjasdfvayukdvfkauysdvfydusavfukayvfkuyadvfkuyadvfukyadvfkuyadvfkuaydvcaukytesfdvukyeavfkeuy

anyway subscribe to me on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX5sq0tQn-uEbzfLdnK-2Ww?view_as=subscriber

Insta: rotten.pie
thumbnail by Green Rachel: https://twitter.com/Green_R_Jelly

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i like this

I hope you don't really want to deport humans from the earth.

Beautifully done, the animation was a trip I didn't know I wanted. The music has a great beat and wonderful tone, the lyrics are very enjoyable.

Trippy, aggressive; creative beyond measure! :D It really went places. Crazy/amazing/somewhat disturbing. Think I'll be watching this a few times...