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Burning Embers

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Burning Embers is a dungeon crawler RPG centered around your player having the only light in the whole dungeon. To escape, you must collect the four Soul Shards which are found in various chests throughout the dungeon. Once all four are collected, you will notice that the boss door, located in the room with the four altars, has now opened, allowing you to fight the Grim Reaper. Throughout this adventure, make sure to watch your torch because as time goes on, it will slowly deplete. Coal, which can be found in vases and by killing enemies, is used to refuel your torch. The torch must also be placed on the ground before equipping a new weapon and walking outside of it's light causes you to take damage.

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"get no scoped kid"

The game is a nice little dungeon crawler, but I do have issues with it. The map was not too helpful as it doesn't label doors on rooms, so once I got all of the soul fragments it was hard to backtrack where the boss was. I also found no use for the bow since the sword takes care of everything in two swings. Finally, I wish there was some way to save before the boss because I got there, died really fast, and now I would have to play the whole game over to try again. It just felt unsatisfying to do all that, then have to do it all again to get a second chance. I will say that I liked the torch mechanic. On my first run I died because I was going slow, so my torch ran out very early. So on my second attempt I felt the sense of urgency that even without a timer, I had to rush to stay alive as well as progress. And the tension created when your torch gets low made my heart race. I also liked the creaking effect when the door opens.

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