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Pawnbarian is a quick-playing roguelike puzzler.

You'll use a deck of chess moves to hack and slash through hordes of enemies.

Careful strategy, playing around all sorts of statuses and traits, and some light deck-building will help you along the way through this unforgiving dungeon crawl. For treasure, glory, and simply for the plain ol' fun of monster slaughter.

The full game will be headed to desktop and mobile. Find out more and wishlist:


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I like the idea, there just needs to be a little more here. Also, extra turns on pawns is the way to go.

its a good game when the worst review is 2.5 starts

-D&D memories arrives-
Amazing game.
Idk how to feedback tho...
It would be awesome if you put orcs, elfs, other creatures. Or I also think a kind of companion (An ally that you could rescue, like before the enemy killed him or some) so you are not alone in the "quest", Like a super pawn.
I love how you adapt such game (chess) to something totally new.
I'll wait to the mobile version.
Another thing I thought are the passive abilities of the enemy...
That you could buy it somehow like the ones corrupted who left poison on the squares... (Without corrupting yourself of course)
Very very nice. Keep up working :3
(Pawnmage, Pawnknight, Pawndruid, PawnPaladin, Pawnbard could be?(? D&D vietnam memories xd.

Concept is solid. But completely unintuitive rules and design makes it more and more frustrating to repeat the entire process with every loss.

Seriously entertaining, I loved the idea, that seems like a great rogue-like game, it just need enough diversity of game mechanics to last several runs, but the core is perfect. Go wild with it, hope to see and buy a finished game in the future. o/