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Pawnbarian is a quick-playing roguelike puzzler.

You'll use a deck of chess moves to hack and slash through hordes of enemies.

"A tiny and mighty game." - Rock Paper Shotgun

Careful strategy, playing around all sorts of statuses and traits, and some light deck-building will help you along the way through this unforgiving dungeon crawl. For treasure, glory, and simply for the plain ol' fun of monster slaughter.

This is a free, in-development version of an upcoming, paid game for desktop and mobile. It'll be bigger and shinier.

You can wishlist on Steam:

You can always find the latest version and more info on Itch - https://j4nw.itch.io/pawnbarian

I'll do my best to keep the build of Newgrounds updated, but it might be too time consuming for some of the smaller patches. Thanks!

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Finally finished that last level! There is some skill involved, but also a lot of luck, getting the right cards at the right times, and hope you bought the right upgrades.
I like the concept of this game, I wish there was a way to make it more strategy based and less luck. If you get the right cards you can kill the opponents quickly. if you get bad cards sometimes you have to take more defensive positions, which means your money is ticking down, which means you have less upgrades for the later levels. Also, on later levels, if you don't kill everything quickly, the board fills up with blight, and nothing you can do about it. Then sometimes you get horrible cards, like an opponent right in front of you, none at the diagonals, and you get 3 pawns. Don't know how to fix that - maybe allow 1 re-deal per floor? Maybe also have an easy/trainer mode where you can restart a floor, to try a different strategy instead of having to restart from the beginning all over again.
I also have the same complaint as the other poster - the board tells you how many hits you take if you end a turn on a square, but that changes if the board changes, so if you're not paying attention, it'll cost you.
At the end, I get to see the treasure, but can't pick it up? I can only dance around it? Ok, cool, I guess that's winning ;-)
Thanks for writing and posting this game, it was a lot of fun

Truly nice concept, game would be truly nice if it didn't cheat like a b..ch. Two things need to be improved. 1. push over enemies shouldn't change the damage numbers on fields. If the map says I'm safe on that field than I should be safe, game decides to change the number and you can get insta wiped out by just moving one enemy?! To me it's cheating. 2. The game places you in front of enemies, surrounds you with damage fields, and randomly gices you 3 pieces that allow you NO moves whatsoever, forcing you to eat the bullet and in some case too many, this is cheating, your loss should be result of you making a mistake, not getting a bad roll.

j4nw responds:

Hey, I just pushed a patch with a small but significant change that solves point 2. Let me know what you think!

The changelog is at https://bit.ly/2qhtO2b

Very nice.

Very cool game. Last level is really hard but in a fun way.

Would like to see this a little bit expanded with some more game modes, perhaps different board sizes, but it's fine as it is too.

What a unique concept! I'm not a fan of chess (backgammon rulez), but this one drew me attention so much I loved it!

Keep up the good work mate!

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2019
6:24 AM EST
Strategy - Other
  • Unity