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The Magissy - Sex Demo

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The Magissy - is an Adult Version of the world of Magic.

More Info About PC version here:

Everything is waiting you here - A Grand Map, Magic, Love and Sex.
All Your Secret Magical Dreams May Come True in this Absolutely Open minded place.

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I think I've found a bug or something like it, anyway whenever I press start and for all the scenes all I get is mist with one or two dark dots but the sound seems to be fine.

Far and away the best and most entertaining part of this is clicking the "Next" or "Previous" button very quickly and watching the characters frantically flip and spin around each other like they are some kind of string kung-fu wrestling show.

Everything else is dreadfully dull.

where to click is off had to move the cursor about half a inch lower

Hmm... Well, the sound seems okay, and the animation isn't too bad. The biggest problem is that everything is far too zoomed out to see anything about what's going on, and the camera angles are really awkward. And the lack of a finish button sorta makes this feel really incomplete. I get this is a demo, but it just feels too incomplete and these are really just short loops, not actual gameplay elements. Personally, you could have released this as animated GIFs and it might be easier. Not only that, but the background needs work too. It's basically just a void.

It's not a bad start, but there's really a lot that needs to be done on this. It has potential, but overall, it looks sloppily put together as it is now. Presentation is a big thing when it comes to animations/games, and this is a good example of poor presentation. Not saying this to be a jerk, but just wanting to give an objective review so you know what needs fixing.