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Seduce 'Em Up: Robin Raid

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Hey guys, thanks for supporting me! This is an early look at the latest little adventure. You stumble into an inn after a long journey, to find none other than the prolific sexy thief Robin behind the bar! After a game of cards the patrons leave and Robin closes up. This is your chance, chat her up and you might just get lucky, might even experience some of her legendary powersmashing? ;)

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First number is the question, the second number is the answer.

well the girl looks very good from the front,but from the sides there needs to be some corrections on the scaling of the head, for example in the blowjob scene her heads looks like a beevis and butthead character (no offense,i have problems with heads from the side too ^~^) but besides that this is really nice and actually charming soooo good job ^^

Captain-Freeman responds:

Thank you friend. Yeah they head shapes were all over the place with this one

While it was mildly punishing for the wrong answer, at least it didn't throw you back so far. I was able to enjoy the improvements in your art style getting a bit more refined than the previous. Robin's new design looks to be a grade greater than before and with more support, experience, and plenty of practice. I'm certain you can explore more of her design, situations, and game potential. While I understand not many are too keen on the art style, the execution thus far has been consistent and of constant improvement from the previous projects. I wonder how your art style will evolve come next year or the following 3.
If I had to comment on the lewd aspects of the flash, I'd say the positions and conversations were pretty good. Nothing too special but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way with some classics.
I wish you the best of luck with your next project.

oh god she looks like a fat ugly chick in the blowjob scene

The art totally takes away from the game. Of course, everyone has to learn, but don't release a game if the Art is of a level this low.

I guess you can't reply on these? So since you wanted some 'substance':
- The characters look malleable. Study your proportions.
- The faces are disproportionate. Study your facial proportions.
- The Cum animations are boring. Cum just covers the dick? At least make it spill or something.
- The Cock itself just looks soft. Add veins.
- The line-art sucks. It's messy and sketchy. The dude's fingers look like flaccid cocks.
- On the game over screen, her arms are literal stubs.
- She literally looks like a dude on the doggy scene. And the dude's fingers look even worse there.
- On the last scene, the dude's feet are stubs. She still looks like a man. Try making her face more girly, and change the muscle proportions to match a Woman's.
- The game itself is boring, 3 choices and 1 is right. Might as well make it a compilation of scenes and that's it.
- Animation looks obviously traced. Follow the laws of animation.

Captain-Freeman responds:

Your review is wholly lacking in substance or value, but you tried as well as you know how I suppose