Mercy x Widow Threesome [Alt Ver]

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New angles, new montage.
All new and previous angles broken up and seamlessly looped are available on my Patreon at full resolution in case anyone is interested.

620p https://mega.nz/#!yRhREArK!5_J6diw-gou28NM2Sa4cnpqEKsUdhhvXyXysYNLgkZM

My Twitter https://twitter.com/HydraFXX
My Patreon https://www.patreon.com/HydraFXX

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You should credit both VAs! Their sexy moans make this.

Mercy: https://twitter.com/_PixieWillow
Widowmaker: https://twitter.com/TemptyVA


Characters are from a game called overwatch - purple 1 = widowmaker - white girl = mercy

I Completely agree with you on that ("You’ve uploaded the same thing just from a different angle. but the scene is nothing special")

but as an animator that has worked with (i think this is blender - regardless of what it is) i can say that, oh my god if you don't have a 2080 ti its hard, time consuming, and complicated to make shit like this it takes a lot of patience and skill to make simple shit like this.

HydraFXX does not make the characters HydraFXX just animates them.
personally i think hydrafxx should have just put all the angles into 1 mp4. sometimes people don't want a "now she's in for it/now he's in for it" its all about preference is all im saying

You’ve uploaded the same thing just from a different angle.
I am not familiar with the characters, but the scene is nothing special. Just moaning and an ass smack.
The graphics look good I am not familiar with how hard it is to make something look like this.
What I suggest is that you come up with new characters that are more relatable to everyone, and put a piece of “I wasn’t expecting that” or “now she’s in for it” kind of feels.
I am sure if I was just really horny I might of liked this to get off, but it’s nothing special is all I am saying

Good and Evil finally getting along. Two of the sexiest Overwatch characters in one enticing, eye-popping animation.

Ah, this new surge of Overwatch content is amazing. As an OW fan, I'm pretty happy to see that this game's wonderful cast of heroes and villains is more alive than ever.

Angela Ziegler and Amélie Lacroix... two of the my fav Overwatch characters in one exciting animation... Just like HydraFXX previous animation featuring, in my humble opinion, the two Overwatch best girls, Hana Song and Lena Oxton (D.Va and Tracer), this video is beyond amazing, and one that was a long time coming.

The animation, in one word, is beautiful. The character models for Widowmaker and Mercy are well-made, pretty, and very expressive. Not only that, but the beauties' private parts, like Amélie's wet pussy, are highly detailed, amazingly rendered and, ultimately, are the best I have seen for both girls. Angela's facial animation is alluring, expressive and very well-made. While Widowmaker's are strongly suggestive and enticing.

The camera angles are good; I particularly love the close-up in Mercy's pussy while Widowmaker's licks it. It's really hot and, admittedly, a great shot. That would be my favorite scene.

Last but not least, the lightning effects. They're incredible, as they make this video a pleasure to watch due to the inimate feel and homely tone they give the animation. They go great with the characters, too.

All in all, this tribute to Amélie and Angela is tasteful, seductive, and an amazing erotic job. I'm glad to see that you made my four favorite OW girls justice with your content HydraFXX. Congratulations!

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4.20 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2019
5:37 PM EST