Sonic Adventure X Ep.3

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Among the Fire 5 Points

Back to Continue the Adventure

Keep Your Guard Up 5 Points

Die as any Character

Recap 10 Points

All caught up now

Not So Fast 25 Points

Stop the enemy biker before he escapes

Practice Makes.. 25 Points

Spend some time in Training

Unstoppable 25 Points

Showcase why you're the Ultimate Lifeform

Infiltration 50 Points

Finish Chapter 1

Awakening 100 Points

Finish Chapter 2

Dead Or Alive 100 Points

Finish Chapter 3

Destiny Awaits 100 Points

Clear Episode 3

Author Comments

Act I, Episode III - Enemy Invasion

Follow Sonic and Shadow, before and after the nuclear destruction of little china town. Both heroes awaken to separate desperate situations, while evading the threat of relentless assassins. Befriending new heroes, questioning allies, and fighting off all who oppose their escape.

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It's finally out! I'd like to say all the things that I enjoyed and all the things that I didn't enjoy about the game (all in my opinion of course).

+ Sonic as a playable character unlike the previous episode
+ Animation looked nicer
+ Soundtrack still pretty good as usual
+ The game didn't lag like the previous ones
- Felt a bit short
- Combat felt kinda wonky
- Camera was an enemy at times
- Only got to play as Ryu for a short while (the game was already short enough)

I suggest to make the length of the next game a bit longer but maybe not as long Episode 2. Combat could be improved upon but I'm not sure how. In terms of animation and soundtrack the game does a pretty good job with it (all of this is in my opinion). Overall I still enjoyed the game despite it's flaws and I'll be looking forward for the next Episode.

MetaMike responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write this 😃 I really appreciate the feedback, this episode was supposed to be a full stage longer but I actually felt it would then be too long so switched some things to around to make it quicker and easily digestible despite some long cutscenes lol.. will take this into consideration for episode 4 !

its a nice game and nice animations this could be a series on youtube or somethin :D

Plays kinda clunky. Good to look at though.

MetaMike responds:

Wow so you’re saying she looks good but has no personality? I guess my game is shallow

el juego esta bueno :)

Lo malo es que se me tildó el juego cuando empecé a pelear como Shadow.
Esto me pasó tanto en el Capitulo 2 como en el Training :(

The game and art style is great, the animations though, are too long and stops you in your tracks for a second.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2019
1:45 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler