Family Mansion

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This game supports controllers. Your progress is automatically saved.

Z to roll
X to shoot
Hold still without shooting to use a healing spell (after you've gotten them from the butler)

A game by Toby Alden (www.tobyalden.com)

John Bond (www.kaimatten.com)
Sam Alden

Wyatt Thomas
k ¿ t t ylung (www.kittylung.bandcamp.com)
Will Jolley (www.parleyance.bandcamp.com)

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I agree with others on here. The music well defines the aesthetics and the humor timed in the story are solid and make the game worth the time to play. However, the controls are a pain at times. A game's difficulty and desire to rage-quit should not be defined by the ability to control the character. How to jump to the corners for example, a technique which is a must some fights, should be consistent every time instead of luck on whether it works or not. In a bullet-hell type fight, where the mistakes are unforgiving, it creates a maddening mindset which lowers the mood of the player.

Dude I love this game!!! It's really good, like challenging solid controls and beautiful pixel graphics! And the funny dialogue just ties it all together and you got yourself one spooky, yet funny little bullet-hell boss rush! Perfect for Halloween and playing for anytime!! I hope you go on to expand the game or make a new one!! I love this game and I still play it all the time!! I hope you have a wonderful career, even if it is just a hobby!

The aesthetic and music is solid, but the four axis of aiming make the game a nightmare to play sometimes.

How is this front page worthy?!?

game i pretty nice but walking after death all the way from bedroom to bossroom can be quite annoying also there is a bug while fighting any boss you can get pushed away from room , you can enter but boss has full health while only way to return to full player health is commit die.

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3.26 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2019
6:20 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional