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Haunted Lands

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DOS style action platformer, homage to classic games, such as Dangerous Dave and Doom.
Blast your way through the hordes of ghouls and demons, leaving behind nothing but their rotting corpses.

The first release includes:
- 2 difficulty modes;
- 2 playable characters;
- 6 fast levels swarming with dozens of enemies (and extra something);

Default controls (character controls are rebindable):
- Arrow keys for menu navigation, movement and aiming
- Enter: menu confirm actions;
- Esc: menu cancel/return actions, pause;
- Z: jump;
- X: shoot (hold for charged attack);
- C: dodge roll;
- V: manual reload;
- A: special attack;
- F1: in game help/pause screen.

31.10.19 - Small update to fix some bugs with special attacks and settings saving
6.11.19 - fixed dodge roll during charged shot bug, also made dodge roll a bit more responsive
11.11.19 - fixed some bugs with key remapping and pausing
during special

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Nice game, very good retro feel. The controls just take a little getting used to.

I like it, it's very well made. The visuals are very appealing and the game itself functions in a way that I would hope for. The importance of reloading is great and it usually doesn't have a place in 2D Shooter/Platformers, So that itself is both refreshing and exciting. The Controls however could use some work. Aside from their awkward positions, the actions and instructions are a little too obscured for my liking. It is definitely standard practice to include controls in the description, but I feel that it is faulty when the description is the only clear option for checking your player input.

controls could be better; as in using alt and shift and space for reload maybe. great game, cool music and sound effects,

how do I go downstairs or get through doors? and the first level where there's those stairs that goes underground I can't go through, could you tell me how, please?

alevgor responds:

You can only go through exit doors when all enemies on the level are eliminated. Regarding the subway passage on the 1st level, currently it's only a visual element of background.
If you asking about general way of going downstairs, hold "down" button and press "jump" button. Hold down "jump" while holding "down" to move down multiple stairs or platforms.

ALMOST perfect, the gameplay, the visual style, the feel. Everything is like a DOS game I wish I grew up with. The music just ruins it a lil bit. Not bad music but very 21st century chiptune. But I get that when you're not a composer you just have to look around on newgrounds for whats available.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2019
10:17 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio
  • BFXR