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Mercy x Widow Threesome

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New angles, new montage.
All new and previous angles broken up and seamlessly looped are available on my Patreon at full resolution

620p https://mega.nz/#!3VgniKaL!LSJT_gyCJyvk2YbYkSk4DlwDB5Z3kHjBLOWQFFxA-uk

My Twitter https://twitter.com/HydraFXX
My Patreon https://www.patreon.com/HydraFXX

Voice actress

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You should credit both VAs! Their sexy moans make this.

Mercy: https://twitter.com/_PixieWillow
Widowmaker: https://twitter.com/TemptyVA

Could've done with less cam movement (also camera sometimes shows less important things, like at beginning), and less dudes. But this is just my preference. The animation itself is well done, love the details as well.


This is what other 3D animators on here should be striving for,

The proportions are believable and the characters realistic looking. Even the one who's a shade of blue-purple looks just how you'd imagine a flesh and blood person who was blueish to look. The movements are smooth, the voices match the action, nothing seems to be clipping through each other, body parts aren't inflated to insane levels or moving like sacks of water.

It's short and the action is mostly the same... So what does the artist do? They keep the general movement, but break up the repetition with little things that keep the flow going but also make things unique and keep the eye moving. Eyes rolling back and closing, lips parting, a head falling back with a sigh, a hand reaching out to lovingly cup a cheek, a head turning down to look. You can keep the overall action looped while still putting distinct new actions in to keep things interesting.

Everything fits together. The cock doesn't seem like it would burst all her internal organs, the breasts aren't hanging off and saying in gravity defying directions, the hips meet the legs and the waist without the model breaking. It all comes together perfectly.

With a little voice acting and some story, a climax as a pay off and maybe a little after-action closure, this would be pretty much a "Ready For Prime Time" style production.

@GrandCupido, there's a LOT to be taken away from an animation like this.

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2019
4:12 PM EDT

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