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-CONTROLS- (They're a bit odd)

WASD to move

Arrow keys to aim

Hold spacebar to hit

I didn't have much to do this week, so I decided to spend it working full time on this little project. This is one of my first ever concepts I've come up with, and it bothered me I have never explored it.

It's pretty difficult to understand the controls when you first start, but if you stick with it - I think you will enjoy it.

Have fun!


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bamboozled again
Controls got me, the multitasking kind of thing is not my forte. Nor are platformers in general, though.

Finally I got sub 2 mins. This game was fun to try to speedrun specially that it is short. I don't have the reflexes nor idea for route to get sub 1:40 , so I guess I'm currently done for the moment.

Here is a list of things which I liked in normal playthrough:
1- The ability to jump on hazard with a good timing.
2- The ability of chaining jump to create a very long horizontal and high speed jump.
3- The ability of wall slide. (It really decrease stress of situations which could have been worse)
4- The level design which introduces mechanics gradually and forces one to learn the mechanics.
5- The checkpoint before jumping between hazards XD.
6- The ball motion and weight in general fells right for me.
7- The total end game time.

Here is a list of thing which would be cool to have for the speedrun in the game:
1- The ability to reset the run instead of refresh the page for a reset.
2- An in-game timer.
3- A split timer for each checkpoint.
4- I'm not sure if the timer begin as the game starts or after the first input but If the timer starts to work after the first input that would be cool.

I got used to the controls of this game but I also tested the controls on other keyboard and it doesn't work as other reviews said. (diagonal launch)

This is just a list of things that killed some runs
1- sliding on the wall. I was able to dodge this situations but I'm not sure if there is a good recovery method.
2- Death a lot of them on some certain screens specially when i try to optimize.
There are other things which really causes time losses.

This was fun to play. If there is a video for a speedrun of this game , It would be cool.

Have fun everyone.

mmattugh responds:

Well done!

Thanks for all of your feedback :)!

I had a difficult time playing due to the controls. I encourage you to keep developing this game. Good luck to you.

Had a rough time with this one. I want to love it since I feel it has some interesting ideas and I just need to grasp the controls, same as I did with DED GUY and the other great platformers in the end. But this one is the hardest yet and I just can't get past it for now. It seems to have some jank to the physics/momentum conservation, as well as controls where I can't switch to diagonals when I go a certain way and so on that I can't find a way to wrestle past. I'll keep giving it a go and see if I have better luck grasping it: it's like you took the 'pat your head and rub your belly at the same time' and made it into a game, haha.

Good game concept, but limited keyboard functions made this impossible for me to play. Sorry :(

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3.18 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2019
6:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other