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The Red Wizard

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Rumours have been circulating about a mysterious fish-like creature causing trouble for the people. Take control of The Red Wizard in this simple platformer and help track down this fishy beast.

This is one of my first complete (ish) games that I've actually published. Any feedback welcome.



Update 1.0.1: Thanks to everyone who's played the game and especially those who left feedback. I've made a small update that fixes the biggest complaint (unfair drops into hard to avoid damage) and contains some other changes.

Update 1.1.0: Here's a larger update that addresses some feedback and hopefully further improves the gameplay. The creatures still lack animations but other than that, the game should feel a lot more polished.

Full change log here.

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Whew! this was a good old school experience, this even bring me back various memories when i was used to play flash games when i was at age 12. Thank you!

Jordio94 responds:

You're welcome! I always love playing games like this, they often bring back memories for me too.

Delightful old school game :-) I've been playing it daily.

Jordio94 responds:

Thanks for playing! Glad you've been able to enjoy it more than once.

pleasant gameplay and awesome music pal!

Jordio94 responds:

Good to hear you enjoyed it. There's links to the audio credits in the main menu if you want to find any of it.

i had alot of fun with this, thank you

Jordio94 responds:

Glad you had fun. Come and try it again in the future, there's a lot of improvements to be made.

1905. Didn't hear any sound weirdly enough. The water I couldn't react to when dropping to the floor isn't a huge deal honestly cuz the difficulty level isn't that high.

Nice fun game!

Jordio94 responds:

It's good to hear someone wasn't too annoyed by the drops. Still, I'll be removing them and bumping up the difficulty in other areas since they are a bit unfair. I'll also have a look into why there wasn't any sound for you.