Alchemy Quest (OLD VERSION)

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This is the demo for Alchemy Quest.

The game is a mix blend of an alchemy-based RPG-dungeon-crawler and a rhythm-based NSFW-minigame.

If there is is something specific you'd want see added in future versions I'd love to hear your suggestions at - https://discord.gg/r2aRAgQ

Updates about the development at https://twitter.com/EllabelleAQ

Support the full release at https://www.patreon.com/Ellabelle1.

Latest version: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/746649?updated=1579703023

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The instructions are a bit confusing, how do I cook, add rooms, possible bug in the sex minigame (It broke, pressing shift and wads did nothing.)... Will there be pregnancy and stuff later on too? I know this is just a demo, I'm just wondering if there are any plans

Ellabelle responds:

If you have any suggestions for improving the game head off to the discord! Id love to hear what you think ^^

Theres also always someone around to help you with any potential problems.

Perfect game

Ellabelle responds:

Thanks for your input :p
I've added some servers so you should be able to save your game now ^^

It's a really nice game, and looks good for just a demo. However I found the combat and task management system of the game to start out to difficult at a beginner level, even if a player is supposed to prep before hand it is difficult to prep for the dungeons when managing the surface is difficult as well, After some balancing of difficulty levels it would be a 5 star game in my opinion keep up the good work!

Ellabelle responds:

Haha, I'm not sure about how to do the balacing. I'd really like some tips if you have the time :p

Really nice for a demo, it would already stand as a basic roguelike. Definitely won't mind a save feature though. Ran into a few UI bugs but nothing game breaking. Looking forward to the full release / updates!

Ellabelle responds:

Thank you!
Saves have been implemented due to popular demand :p

I see great potential, but I keep running into what I'm guessing is a bug. When trying to teleport to the dungeon, it just gives me a grey screen with a blinking red bar that doesn't move. Waited somewhere around 10mins before refreshing and trying again with no luck.

Ellabelle responds:

That's strange, we've done quite a bit of testing but weve never ran into that issue before. If you have the time could you submit a bug report at https://discord.gg/r2aRAgQ?

Thanks for your input :)