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Spooky Starlets BETA 0.2

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NOTE: This game is an early build and is NOT indicative of the final version. We're still working on it and will be for a while! - - - - - - -

Congratulations, you've died!

All is not lost though, as you've been assigned the task of producing adult films, featuring some of the Undercroft's sexiest leading ladies!

What will you create with the creative control you have been given?

GAMEPLAY TIP: You can use the arrows next to the star amount on the Production Funds perk to earn a bigger budget to make films with!

Preview new content on Patreon!

- New Character: Camellia! Voice acting, CG, group service skin
- New Animation Added! Group Service, available to all starlets
- New Songs! Taking It Slow - Lights, Camera, Hustle - Squeaky Clean
- Fully Voiced Intro! Claire Casey and the game's intro is now voiced
- New Background Theme! Swords & Sorcery theme now has a new background
- Starlet Costumes! The main four starlets all have alternate costumes for scifi, while Susie and Redd have alternate costumes for all themes!

- - - - - - - Guest Character: Camellia -Cloud Meadow
You can learn more about Cloud Meadow and the collaboration over here!

- - - - - - - Guest Character: Alicia -Crisis Point Extinction
You can learn more about Crisis Point and the collaboration over here!

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STOP....you had me at "Mommy"

good but glitchy

francine fang + wildwest theme = auto profit and unli stars done repeatedly

I like the basic concept and the art and sound assets that have been completed are great so far, but it's currently way too glitchy to be posted as a playable beta. This is at best an early alpha.

Main Issues:
- The gameplay tip in the comments doesn't make sense. I don't see anything regarding perks or production funds. Unless this is just explaining how to convert earned stars into gold, in which case, this is a very confusing way to describe that.
- Too many characters, not enough animations. I'm happy to see a variety of characters, but when each character has maybe one or two actual animations and only one CG, there's little reason to play each character more than once or twice. Even if a character-specific animation isn't complete for a particular position, there should at least be completed placeholder animations for each position.
- There's currently no clear goal. If you run out of weeks, you get a few extra (I imagine this is a glitch) until eventually you just start a session with 0 weeks and you can't do anything.
- If you don't have enough money to complete a film, the game essentially becomes stuck.
- If you go to the main menu and restart the game, not only do you have to rewatch the opening intro, the game usually glitches and the menus don't work properly. The menus in general are very glitchy.
- Sometimes, the background music for one scene doesn't stop and plays over the music for a different scene.
- The intro sequence needs a skip button.

As for more general recommendations for the game in the long-term:
- The actual sex scenes themselves should probably have a lot more personality, too. Each scene should have character-specific dialogue for each position, possibly also for each theme.
- I think rather than use stars to unlock CGs, CGs should unlock when specific films are created. Like, if you choose a certain character and use certain positions with a certain theme, you'll unlock a specific CG depicting that film in some way. Maybe a mock cover art for the porn you just made or something. Which is not to say every combination has a CG, but it would encourage more experimentation to find all of the CGs for a particular character.
- New characters and positions should probably be unlocked over time rather than have everything available right away. Like, each character has an upfront cost to initially unlock them, and then a smaller cost for each subsequent video you use them in. Then as they get more experience, they unlock more positions and CGs.

Cool concept with lots of personality. I hope to see it grow into a fun little game!

Ranting about the changes(Skip to summary if you're a dev wanting to know what should be improved, skip to guide if you wanna know how to play the game):It's a nice update with the new character, and one new animation...plus the intro having voice acting is pretty good, I also noticed a few of the alt costumes-

However, there's not really anything here worth replaying if you played the last build, the gameplay/management is still a bit of a slog, and the game seems more glitchy than the last build somehow, with animations (particularly the creampie one), simply not loading or showing up a lot of the time for me-

Really, I kind of wish there was more here for an update, and the game's tutorial still needs to be re-implemented or redone.

If I were to make a suggestion, maybe make a guide for those who struggle understanding the game? On the surface, especially with no tutorial, it seems like the game is completely up to RNG on whether or not you'll be successful, when in reality, it's possible to make a reliable, steady profit with any of the girls-

SUMMARY: The biggest issues are that the animations don't work for every girl, and sometimes break, either not loading or not showing up(like the creampie). A tutorial in game or a guide in the description is almost a necessity, as the game not being explained at all and the sudden start drives away people and makes it seem like being profitable is completely random. Picking the "lengthy" option often gives you no re-rolls instead of the expected 2. Each girl's favorites should give bonuses, similar to how they did in the Alpha build, but without the need to pay for the bonuses, as that would defeat the purpose, maybe have the cost of a girl's favorite be reduced and her specialty give special bonuses? Also, I would recommend a character/ability that encourages and works well with the more RNG themes like the Heroes&Villains, like a passive that grants an extra re-roll if you get a zero, otherwise, there's basically no incentive to play the game in a more risky style, as getting a zero is a pretty quick way of draining your stars and money, relatively at least. I think the "time limit" should also be extended to something like 21 weeks, as the current "deadline" barely let's you do anything before it starts going into the negative numbers, I again, don't know what the point of the countdown is for, but consider that a suggestion to keep in mind for the future.

Game Guide: This'll tell you how things roughly work and how to get all the CGs.

First off, you'll be using gold or G in the bottom left to pay for your Star, Start, Action, and Finish for every movie you make, your Start, Action, and Finish positions will pay for themselves as long as you don't use your Star's special position, which I wouldn't recommend because those ONLY ADD CURRENCY WHICH HASN'T BEEN IMPLEMENTED, this guide will assume you don't use any positions aside from the standard ones, which are all on the first selection page in yellow. Only positions with a camera icon beside them are animated in game.

Your Star is really the only thing you'll be needing to pay for using the dice rolls from your theme and your Star's passive bonus (in the same box as your Star's cost).

The cost of your Star will range between 10-30 G, simply pay attention to how much each one costs.

Your length determines how many weeks will pass and how many re-rolls you get once your movie is complete. (warning, this build has a glitch which will give you 0 re-rolls regardless of what length you choose.)

Your theme is what determines how much of a profit you make from Star power, and what number of star power you're likely to get. (Themes are free, but determine how much profit you make on a dice roll)

(represented by the orange star counter in the bottom left of the screen.)

Star power is what you earn after each of your movies, for every 10G you spend on positions, you gain 1 Star power, plus whatever you gain from the theme you picked. You can convert Star power back into G to use for your next movie with the same ratio of 1Star = 10Gold. I recommend trying to keep at least 120G for each movie, as this will allow you to select any combination of Starlet and scenes you want, DO NOT let your G drop below 70, or else you may be locked out of choosing options, or glitch the game.

You can also use your Star power to unlock each girl's CG, there's one CG per Starlet currently. 10Star = 1 CG, HOWEVER, keep in mind you'll unlock the CG of whichever Starlet you used in your last movie, try not to buy the same CG twice, otherwise you're just throwing your Stars away-

Lastly, my final tip is to play it safe, try picking themes which will guarantee you either profit or break even and steadily collect stars and maintain your gold, don't risk it with Heroes&Villains, as the 50/50 chance doesn't pay out as often as you'd expect, I haven't gotten a 12 once using that yet, and you'll gradually unlock every CG for every girl, even if it means going into overtime-

End: Wow, didn't expect to write an essay on this, but hopefully this'll help both devs and players alike-
This game really has potential, it just really needs some fine tuning, story additions, and bug fixes, and also of course, A TUTORIAL-
Mainly that last one is what drives so many people away, but hopefully this review/guide will help some.