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The Adventures of Professor Sub-Zero and Amber Inferno: The RPG (v0.5)

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v0.7 is out now! Click here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/745236

After accidentally swallowing some of the hottest pepper in the world, lab assistant Amber discovers she now has the power to heat up the world around her. Upon that discovery, her boss, professor Patrick Kelvin, confesses to her that something similar has happened to him many years ago, and he now has the power to cool things down. Excited by the prospect of having superpowers, Amber drags him into becoming a superhero with her in this game with a WAY too long title.

Made with RPG Maker MV

Please note that this game contains a lot of references to content owned by Flipline IDS LLC. This content is used with permission, and is used as a result of the original form of the story.

Also, please note that this game is as of yet unfinished. Future updates will have more content, as well as probably having reworked portions of the game thus far.

I KNOW ABOUT THE ELEVATOR GLITCH. It will be fixed in the next update.

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I noticed a glitch in the game that will give you unlimited gold. I sent you a private message so it wouldn't be exploited

Ok, Amber tells me that its 'in here, come inside', but I can't go in anywhere?!
Edit: Ok I found the shed. But its around the corner on the opposite side of the street. Honestly, what was the point?!

NinjaMonkeyFortyTwo responds:

There should be a garage type door right next to her. If not, look around for a small, rusty looking shed and go in there.

I think there's a glitch with the elevator cuz when I go to a diff floor and go back to elevator I'm stuck in it...

NinjaMonkeyFortyTwo responds:

I know about the elevator glitch at this point, and it's fixed in the next version.

very nice game,a doctor and her assistant are the heroes

Mildly fun, entertaining dialogue, though it could be improved a bit. I recognize some of these game assets, several of them are from a game called "my new life", or at least the testing version of the game. Looks like you have a lot of room to improve upon, looking forward to the next version of the game. It was enjoyable. . . . Needs a little more Amber sexiness..

NinjaMonkeyFortyTwo responds:

Those assets are not ripped from "my new life" or from anywhere else, though I understand why you might think that. Both games were made using RPG Maker, and use the standard assets provided with the program. That is why they look the same. If you look around for other RPG Maker games, you'll find that most of them use those same assets.

Also, I'm deliberately avoiding a lot of 'Amber sexiness', as you put it, because she is canonically only 19, and quite childish at that. Besides, I want to keep my game child-friendly.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2019
4:38 AM EDT
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Daily 3rd Place October 14, 2019