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It's Me Roseanne! (What is Propaganda?)

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From the creators of The Conners, we give a heartfelt goodbye to Roseanne Barr in this animated classic. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to the ramblings of Tucker Carlson, join our help group on Discord!

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Well that was... somewhat depressing! I like the animation, and the comedy style's a bit like a sitcom, but the jokes... I don't know, I'm missing something there. Feels like this has potential to be fun but it all plays out very matter-of-factly. Feels there's potential to either really carry through a message or go full on cynical with the comedy, or both, but it seems to take a middle ground. Turns out not as impactful or entertaining as I imagine it could be.


Gaycied responds:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I will say that the script did not have a clear message when I wrote it, it just came out like vomit on the page. At the time I wrote it, I had recently had a change of heart about my current political beliefs and was much more skeptical about the things I had grown up believing and of authority in general.

I can explain some of what I intended jokes to be. The opening joke where Roseanne wishes for a pony from God is a religious joke, the joke being "you can't wish God for a pony!" Very boring, which I intended it to be as call back to a sense of humor that I remember growing up with briefly when my family still feigned some interest in religion. Roseanne's obsession with liberals and snowflakes is directed at the current political climate, people lobbing goofy memes and insults at each other and focusing on unimportant issues instead of focusing on their real problems. It can be fun and I've engaged in this sort of discourse myself, but I think the laughs only work as temporary relief from the stresses in life that are not going to go away by ignoring them.

I think talking heads like Tucker only fuel the distraction from getting at the root of people's problems, which is why his news reporting is so uninformative. First it was the evil socialist AOC, now Fox News viewers need to worry about Greta Thunberg and her climate change speech. CNN, MSNBC, viewers were distracted with Russian interference and now they are drilling home a Trump impeachment. I'm sure we can all die happy once the orange cheeto man is out of office.

Roseanne getting shot and Dan continuing relations with her was more a twist on the situational part of situational comedy. Most sitcoms follow a family and take things we consider normal family problems and make them a bit more interesting, allowing different members of traditional family to inject themselves into a character and imagine themselves in this larger than life scenario. I wanted to create situation we would consider absurd or shocking and normalize it, to ask the question: How much of what we are shown on television is actually absurd? Do I really agree with the view the writers are pushing?

I believe because the situations and reactions on television shows are completely manufactured, they are inherently propaganda because they present a world view that is complete fantasy. The push to make characters more relatable, for people to see themselves in the characters, through shows like The Office and Modern Family only worsen this propaganda factor as people see themselves in the characters. They see themselves living in this world that does not exist, sold products to help delude themselves.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit now, but I will say, the cartoon does not propose any solutions to these things I consider problems because I do not have any. I chose instead to end on a hollow, feel good moment, something I always think is funny in sitcoms.

Thanks again for the review and I apologize for the length of my response lol.

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Oct 4, 2019
12:42 PM EDT
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