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It's like any regular 10 second collab, but robclock isn't invited. Take that! RobClock thinks he's SooOoOo great with his 10 second colab and his hat. I have a hat too, you know? But do people mention it? No, they're always on about robclocks hat. And his hiar. Dont get me started with his hair. It's all over the place. What makes robclock so great? I can make a 10 second colab too. Just awtch me. I'll do it now to show him! This is what his looks like so you know mine is better

okay bye

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Nice collab, the Clock Crew was always one of my favorite things about Newgrounds since 2016!
...But RobClock tho. *sniff sniff* :'(

Really liked it. The concept and idea are also really cool!
Keep doing the good work my guy!

Better than most of the stuff on the Hub, if I gotta be honest.

OctopusClock responds:

i wanna watch 313x1321 porn

No robs

chris-the-stick responds:

that would be the best part!

what a great collab!
only THOR-CLOCK, GOD OF THUNDER could manage such a difficult task.
i liked all of the people's parts, from doggo clock's stopmotion animation, to poly's animation about the two rival 10 second collabs, octopus clock's part about some clocks smokign weed, and i really liked poly's/thor's parts where the clocks where chilling at the ''atomic bar''. (who did those parts?! they were very funny and nicely animated)

the biggest surprise in this collab was the wild screen aspect ratio, AKA a crazy height X width aspect, which made me scroll alot in order to see each part...
but nothing good ever comes easy, right?

i shall write a rap piece about this epic collab's need for scrolling:

''they see me scroling,
to see the flash movie,
and they laghin',
im just scrolling dirty
im just scrolling dirty''

-end of epic rap poem-

and last but not least, the best part was that rob clock wasnt in this collab.
or was he?!
LOL jk
heh, seriously tho, this was a funny CC collab, thanks for adding me in, folks.
keep it up.

chris-the-stick responds:

i like leaving long, spammy and funny reviews.
i joke around and i vote 5.

OctopusClock responds:

r u ok