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Manic Pixie Waifus (18+)

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Your girls Gaby and Sky are back, this time in style. Thanks to our generous patrons, we were able to afford to animate the sex scenes!



Troubleshooting known issues:

-If load times are more than a few seconds, try a different browser. Which browser works best seems to be different depending on your pc. If that doesn't work, try closing some programs running on your pc. Due to the games size, it tends to be a bit hefty in the loading department.

-Only use multiple save slots if your pc has some decent specs. People have reported that the game has the potential to freeze at points in the story otherwise.

(We're working on these issues still! Hopefully will be hammered out in the full release)



-Stay tuned for our Full Release (date - tbd)! There are 4 animated sex scenes in this version of the game, and 2 patreon exclusive ones (plus a non animated scene). As we gain more support, additional scenes will be added for our patrons to view early. All scenes will eventually be free for the casuals, but if you don't want to wait consider supporting us! It helps us make more of what you already like, faster!


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ok this is one of the best porn games and it dont feel like a porn game it feels like a lil mini life

does anyone have other games like this one? i like how you try to win the girl over with dialogue and choices!

How do you do the other ones, like the girlfriend, cousin and sister?

I don't really play a lot of this type of game, but a boring night led me here out of curiosity, mainly because of all the attention this is getting.

I like it. I like it a lot.

As somebody who doesn't really play porn games, I had zero expectations, but you guys have an incredible base for a great game. It succeeds in making the sex scenes feel like a reward for paying attention and using your head, as opposed to being what the entire game revolves around. I played through about 7 times and managed to get a few endings. Each time I learned more about what the game expected of me and how to reach my goal. Gaby's dialogue at the party when you act against your personality choice is ingenious, and the Diary as a way of confirming correct choices, while still not telling you what to do, is an effective way of guiding the player, and it made my tea all the more satisfying.

There were a few typos, and freezes. (To be expected, I played through on Android.) But nothing that was a deal breaker or that can't be easily fixed.

All in all, I look forward to seeing what you end up with at the end of this project. It has a ton of potential.

My game didnt save