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Manic Pixie Waifus (18+)

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Your girls Gaby and Sky are back, this time in style. Thanks to our generous patrons, we were able to afford to animate the sex scenes!



Troubleshooting known issues:

-If load times are more than a few seconds, try a different browser. Which browser works best seems to be different depending on your pc. If that doesn't work, try closing some programs running on your pc. Due to the games size, it tends to be a bit hefty in the loading department.

-Only use multiple save slots if your pc has some decent specs. People have reported that the game has the potential to freeze at points in the story otherwise.

(We're working on these issues still! Hopefully will be hammered out in the full release)



-Stay tuned for our Full Release (date - tbd)! There are 4 animated sex scenes in this version of the game, and 2 patreon exclusive ones (plus a non animated scene). As we gain more support, additional scenes will be added for our patrons to view early. All scenes will eventually be free for the casuals, but if you don't want to wait consider supporting us! It helps us make more of what you already like, faster!


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Best porn game *claps in horni*

Didn't expect the Choices that are more real to choose

Got together with Gaby on my first try. Had no idea how difficult it apparently was. Either I'm lucky or a "chad" as the developer mentioned, and I'd like to believe the latter haha

Edit: here's the path I took so you know I'm not lying / to get to it yourself: Say she was right.. Tell her you agree. Relationship: Sky is my friend. Say a delicious putine. Say you know a bit ofthe language. Put enough cash to cover both meals. Tell her you paid for the both of you. Accept that she doesn't want you to pay. Ask what she prefers. Let her nap while you drive. Use your phone to translate the conversation. Invite Sky in. Personality: I'm more of an outgoing, social person. Stay outside and watch. Point out the hotel clerk having sex. Lie: just noticed them a moment before you came out. Say you think she's with a guest. Agree to the wager. Say goodnight, wait for Sky to head inside, then resume watching. Make the thought a reality. Place your ear against the wall to hear what's going on. Head downstairs to the lobby. Send her a quick text. Text: Sassy tone. Have a chat with Gaby while you wait. Personality: All topics are game. Personality: Blackmail is wrong and would make me less of a man. Attempt to answer in French. Oui j'ai bien dormis, merci. Hold off for now, and tell her how your night went. Say that you had a good night. Tell her about Sky's invite. Say something flirty. Get more info before you decide. Ask: What is the party for? Also Ask: How can you throw a party at work? Say you'll consider coming. Last chance to bring up that you saw her having sex last night. Say you enjoyed what you saw. Tell her not to worry about it, avoiding mentioning the phone call. First, check out the themepark and rollercoasters. Check out the local food down by the harbour. Tease her. Acknowledge her fear and console her. Grab hold of her hand. Recommend the greasy spoon you passed. Can I see the picture?Answer with boobs. State that it'll all work out for her. Tray and convice her that she's got what it takes. Reference Skills - She took an amazing photo...

Route Gaby: Say you'll be there for sure. I'm not interested in anyone romantically and am happy playing the field. Go to Gaby's party on your own. Decide to drink tonight. Tell her about the theme park. Say that you'd of let him stay. Personality: You wish you had this kind of power. Say we are equal. Tell her she's clearly a good person. Tell her you want to have sex with her, but you also stand by your words. Mention filming her having sex. Tell her if she's feeling guilty, that the two of you can go speak somewhere in private. (Congrats, you've done the sex!)

This also sets up having sex with Sky: Instead of picking "I'm not interested in anyone romantically..." instead pick "I've grown romantic feelings for Sky and want a relationship with her." See if Sky wants to have a quiet night in with you. Ask why her suitcase is so large. Tell Sky about the invite, but that you didn't want to go. Say that you kinda want to hang with her tonight. Check out the red book. Read the section labeled "naughty stuff". Play on your phone and wait. Suggest watching something funny. Tell her that you'd love some tea. Kiss her. (Congrats, on the sex).

Thought I was gonna have sex with the hotel manager, and fuckers decided to do a little trolling with me

My first playthrough was the not getting laid route, but I still really enjoyed it.
EDIT: Got another no sex route...