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Lux | League of Legends gone wild

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Choose which league champion you want to smash next:

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(I will be adding sound effects for this pretty soon, gotta head to bed it's late now tho ;) )

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Half the screen is right-clickable and is not apparently a part of the game? I can inspect the element and it's a mainbox or something.
It works in full screen though, but finally, something for the best champion! :)
Ahri is overrated.

Ataeshi responds:

could be issue with javascript that is supposed to center it

If it doesn't work you can play it here https://lustschool.net/lol/Lux/play.php

And yeah there is a lot of ahri stuff (Even though I like Ahri I wanted to do some other champion)

There is actually a large project in work right now (A large league based visual novel with a lot of champions :) )

half of the screen appears, which kinda makes it unplayable

Ataeshi responds:

uhh that shouldn't happen
if you can please either join discord and we can talk there or dm me (either works)

that floating dong though XD.
I also agree. just having background music can be very annoying in games.
specifically when its like an endless loop of one song that's out of tune and high pitch
you know what kind I mean if you have play the various games on here

other then that good job

Ataeshi responds:

Don't question the powers of floating dong :'D

And yeah I noticed later on how annoying it is
I am about to actually replace it and add the sound effects :)

you should get VA and sound efects only having music is kinda borring you have potecial

Ataeshi responds:

Adding them later today, I was experimenting recently with sounds (check my recent movie submission to see)

what the heck !!!just senceless sex

Ataeshi responds:

This isn't supposed to be a big game, just a quick simple sex game with Lux

I have another game which has a story and a lot of characters (not league related) this was just something I made for fun