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Shantae x Nega Shantae

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It's here! my first completed nsfw animation! I'm rather impressed by it. This took way longer than it should have but I think the wait was worth it.

Thank you so much for supporting me! It means to world to me!

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Good start. Wish there was sound.

Fuck you baddiarrhea. This is great.

this is really good! I'ma drop a follow to see how you progress!

Everything seems well done, animation, expressions are typical (in my pov) and the models look very good too.

Granted would be nice for a slapping-meat-sound effect when Neg Shant is thrusting, but again; being a 1st start, you'll get there. We all start somewhere, to which I look forward to what's to come.

I’m glad you’re impressed by a one second repeating loop of porn. Life must be great.

BDAnimare responds:

I'm impressed because this is the first NSFW animation that I've ever done and I'm still extremely new to animation. I'm impressed because the loop looks decent and not jerky like the majority of sfm animations