PokéBall Z Demo (ver. 0.37)

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When a glitch occurs on on the Nintendo mainframe, It's up to Red and Master Roshi to set their respective multi-verses back in order! Play as Red catching inter-dimensional pokém0n and battling against foes so powerful it would make Team R0cket blast off all over again!

...Or at least you would if I had actually finished yet. This is more of a demo/proof-of-concept at it's current state; primarily meant just to show off the engine. Right now the UI is so interactive you have to manually turn the music on and the textbox off lol. Constant updates though.

What's New?
*Roshi's animations work.
*Roshi stops when approached to make him easier to talk to.
*Text box is now fully scripted and even scrollable, but I couldn't clear text upon leaving an NPC. Still, I took a problem and turned it into a feature because...
*Text box can now be completely muted (took forever).
*Music still miraculously works.
*Walking has undergone a massive overhaul to exhibit a more distinct, responsive and speedy feel. Twice as much custom code.
*Programmable, animated, layered backgrounds.
*No more walking through the wall bug, buh bye.
---//Ready for the Next Update:---
*Programmable background objects that interact w/ environment (ex. pick up key, use it to open door that triggers button to click for next level/area.)
*New area(s) to explore.
*New NPC's, dialogue and interactions.

*Update: Check out "www.hiphopnews24-7.com" for the original song and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2WL-zgDoSQ for the link to the full release by it's creator(s).

Our ultimate goal is to release a fully customizable and open-source RPG/Adventure game engine that others can swap out assets within or even learn from. This project is titled 'Project Blue Engine (AS3)'. Hopefully it helps both aspiring developers and students learn alike.

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dos de mis cosas favoritas genial

best game 5/5

hey man you can't post the unfinish gam ewithout a narrative to it

I have no idea what do to in the "game" and I actually don't care. I REALLY love that deep male voice though and stayed just for that (even though I had no idea what he was talking about). Is it you? You should make a bedtime story or something with that voice power. That is really soothing to listen to.

Code-Blue responds:

No you're actually right, it isn't my song but it's not (necessarily) copyrighted either; arguably the lyrics but it's pretty much a floating public domain piece. In other words you're 100% but I'm still allowed to keep it up as I do have permission. The music is a placeholder anyway, though. I do original music as well. It's still in demo but the song is a placeholder and is not used in a monetized work by me or any label lol. Sorry if that put you off at first, and thank you for your input on my very first submission. I'm mostly showing off my engine's script. :)

There are plenty of credits I still need to give in fact, even for the code (a few features forced me to collaborate). Trust me, I will in time. I do not intent to profit off of or to claim glory for work that isn't mine or of my own intellectual property I assure you. Ignore the sprites.

I'll take the star hit, but considering how lacking this game is I'm surprised that was the reason! I'll always remember to give my due credits though, that's a pinky swear.

*Update: You actually updated your score above blam? Dude, thanks for the support really! :3
I'll continue to make the 'Blue AS3' a better open-source game engine, and I edited the description above regarding that song for you and gave the appropriate links. Thanks again.

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2.81 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2019
2:55 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG