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Crimson Keep Chapter 2

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******************READ BEFORE PLAYING**************

If you are using the Newgrounds player, it will link to an OLD VERSION of this game that still has many bugs. I have tried uploading the updated file multiple times but it doesn't seem to update in the Newgrounds Player.

If you are using a flash-enabled browser, then this does not apply to you.

First of all, before I forget...


Be sure to visit her!


If you haven't already, I suggest you check out Ch.1

PLAY CHAPTER 1: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/736409

I must thank those of you who signed up as patrons. I've never once received this much support or attention despite having spent many years on my art. Thank you all! Every cent you give gets me further toward my dream of doing this full time someday.

UPDATE 9/27/19

Thanks for all of your input!!!

I do everything - art, music, animation, coding. Out of all of those things, I am the most amateurish at coding, so pointing out any bugs or flaws you see really helps me.

So far the following have been raised and addressed:

- Fixed the steam potion switched descriptions

- The function that was preventing incorrect movements (going to the cave early) was not working, fixed that.

- Spaced out the encounter rate so its not too obnoxious.

- Fixed Bat Harpy run (not supposed to be able to run)

- Fixed bug where you lose all attacks if you die or load after Bat Harpy battle.

- Altered Save + Export so that it doesn't make your comp crash (hopefully), but you will have to manually save that text block into a .doc or .txt file.

There are more to address, but I have to go to work.

I'll fix the rest when I get home.


Thanks again for the input everyone.

In addition to those listed above, I've solved the following bugs:

- Random encounters are now based on distance traveled rather than time. That way, you need to travel a certain distance before the next encounter happens, which lowers the encounter rate by a lot.

- Made the battles quite a bit easier. I tend to like playing on hard-mode but I realize that may be difficult and frustrating.

- Fixed the bug where you can retrace your steps after the Sia battle (this should not be possible until after you go to floor 1).

- The large image scroll can now be moved with arrow keys.

- Fixed the bug where you can't end the game after defeating Yil. There's not much gameplay after defeating Yil, but you can at least get to the endscreen for completion's sake.

UPDATE 9/28/19

- Fixed vexing claw bug where you can use it on cooldown.

- Fixed problem where the long scroll doesn't show up in gallery after you unlock it.


Previously, the load function would not work if there were any extra characters (spaces, new lines) after the text block, which probably frustrated a bunch of people. I wrote a script to delete any extra characters, so now as long as you don't alter the numbers and letters and their order, it doesn't matter how much extra space between them you put. It should still load.

Thanks everyone for helping me playtest this. It's hard for me to check for all the bugs. Being the guy who does everything with regards to design makes it difficult; because I built it, I know how things are supposed to run and I don't typically run into situations that produce bugs.

Please continue to let me know if you find any bugs.

UPDATE 10/2/19

Reloading to the beginning of the Chapter will no longer cause Soriel to retain an equipped Covenant that he does not have.

Encounters will no longer be turned off by default when you load a save.

Lan will no longer get stuck on the overworld if you equip Ellym's Covenant outside of Fumarole cave.

"Fumerole" has been corrected to "Fumarole" in all instances. T-T

Various grammatical corrections.

Small errors in the static art have been corrected.

Minor dialogue tweaks updating terminology and lore to match newer Chapters.

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I love it I need morreee

July 3 2021. Completed the game and it was nice. BUt liked the previous chapter more. But the scenes here were better. Had to play again as I finished 1 route for chapter 3 and not the other one. Started chapter 4 and missing some stuff.


NOTE:If Newground Player isn't working and you don't want to join the Discord for Crimson Keep, try using Flash Forwarder. It's easy to download and has been working for me.It's another option at least.This message is for people who come across the game for the first time.


why wont it start (yes i did try restarting)