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BKNK episode 1

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big boi animation. it's finally here, something i created completly on a whim and love like my baby, i can't really put into words what i really think of this animation, you're just gonna have to watch it yourself.

Yes, i already see people say this is a lot like FLCL and i just wanna say, yes it's supposed to be like that, kind of. I wanted this to be a spiritual successor of it, like how Yooka Laylee is to Banjo and Kazzoie.

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"you like it when I burn out my cigarette on you." Wow shit got real REAL quick.

really solid start the dialogue was smart and well thought out if you were going for flcl good job i could feel the inspiration all over keep working and find your way thru this animation jungle keep it up 3/5

I like it. keep up the good work

Was just about to say this looked a bit like FLCL. The quality's somewhat different but... I like the vibe. The characters. The background music. Fixing to be something I'll probably be following! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.


Love it.