Modu Beats

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Modu Beats is a music-based tower defense game where your
gameplay both affects and is affected by the music.

---- !!! You HAVE to play this game with sound enabled !!! ----

Build laser cannons and thumping towers against the dancing monsters while your own gun can shoot to some beats.
Prevent enemies from reaching the left end of the screen. If 3 pass your defenses you lose!

4 control schemes are available: Gamepad, keyboard(arrows and Z,X), or WASD & mouse, and touchscreen.
The touchscreen controls are activated if you actually touch the screen while in the intro screen
ESC goes back to the intro screen

You can also download it as a standalone game at:
(Free. It runs with smoother frame-rate performance than browser)

Leon Levakov: Art
Liad Geva: Art
Alon Tzarafi: Code
Dan Sivan: Code
Alon Kaplan: Music

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Cool concept, but could use some gameplay improvement ^.^'

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Improvements to what ?

Pretty cool concept, great work :D

Really cool concept but a little too clunky at the moment. There's no clear goal/objective such as levels or high scores from what I can tell, and its difficult to tell what you're doing and how to play with the music. I love the idea of playing to the beat, but right now its too difficult to tell how to play with the beat effectively: maybe if had a crypt of the necrodancer beat indicator or a guitar hero note sheet so you could tell when the beats are coming and shooting on beats awarded you with powerful shots (and missing gave you weaker shots) then it could lead to a great feeling game.

The concept is novel, however, the control scheme for mouse and keyboard is a little disjointed. I thought that the mouse would point the character to face the occasional laser blast. Also there is no visual cue to the limit of where the towers can be placed and it can sometimes lag behind the input of trying to place it down (I did notice the cooldown timer). Sometimes the enemies are just barely at the edge of the screen and the cannons miss them. TL;DR I would love it if the mouse controlled which way the character faced.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Hey thanks for the input! It's really helpful. I fixed all the things you mentioned. I guess it was a mistake to use the mouse without also using all the additional conventions that players expect from a top-down game

Hard game but fun to play

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2019
11:53 PM EDT