CartoonMania: The Movie (2019)

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When Matthew gets a job in the animation industry with the help of Timmy and Tanya, he has to learn to control his anger. During this, he and the gang must stop a mysterious figure which threatens the entire household.

Matthew Littlemore https://twitter.com/animator320 as Matthew, Stanley, Mr. Rage, Wacky Quacky, Norman The Security System, Wilco Rooster, Fire Lansky, Mr. Incredibone, Chompy, Mr. Yellvoice, Mes Franzmer, Chicken Wizard
Tenor R. https://twitter.com/tenorthetoonguy as Timmy Tiger, Victor Virus
Uranimus https://twitter.com/uranimus as Tanya Tigress
PinkGalaxxy https://twitter.com/pinkgalaxxy as Penny Bleat
Fly https://twitter.com/discopal as JoJo Violet
Jane C.S. https://twitter.com/butterbiskitt as Anne Mermaid, Suzy Squid, Melba, Water Monica, Air Danes
Gamerduck https://twitter.com/RealGamerduck as Skeeter
PinkSand https://twitter.com/PinkSand7 as Ms. Whisper
Christian Suppes as Ernest Cyborg-9
Nicholas Maggi as Quentin Quail
Becca Mercado as Rachel Rabbit
Miles Littlejohn as Umpire Bat, Roger Rooster
Kainoa Higgins as Earth Andrews
Jim Nelson as Detective Curlock

Thank you all so much for helping me out and for helping me believe in myself to make this movie possible. I love you all.

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very good

u tenacious

Gotta say, mad props for actually going though with this, the fact that you've managed to make this even happen is legit insane. As for the movie itself, I thought it was ok but there were several things that could've been fixed. There's a lot of filler, especially around the middle and a ton of exposition without any real significance and point to it.The voices you did were good but I think some of the other actors sounded either really uninterested and unenthusiastic, or exaggerated to the point where they came across as sorta annoying. I thought the movie as a whole could've felt bigger honestly; I feel like not that much really happens for a good chunk of the movie, I did like the ending tho. In terms of the humor, I honestly was never that into the more slapstick focused humor of your stuff, but there were a few moments I did find genuinely funny. Overall I thought the movie was p flawed, but you've def shown you've got a shitton of passion for your stuff to make grand-scale shit like this. I rly wanna see ur art and writing grow since I think you do have a ton of potential, keep it up man

tom fulp frontpage this masterpiece

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3.35 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2019
1:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original