Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise! v0.8.5

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This is the final version of Hire Me, Fuck Me, Give Me a Raise!

To avoid any potential bugs, start a brand new game. Best played on Chrome or Firefox.

-Added 1 sex scene to Elvira
-Added 2 sex scenes to Mariana
-Added 2 sex scenes to Mia
-Added dialogue to all characters
-GUI improvements
-Plus other things


-Added cheats so you can skip to the end of the game.

If you enjoyed this game, consider supporting my patreon page below as a sequel to this game is being worked on! The sequel will have better art as I have hired a more professional artist! Your support will also help keep the game alive!


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i was surprised to see that of the updates i skipped, i somehow skipped the "final" build of this one. sure, if the project became a bit stifling, move on, but it does still seem to be missing a lot of things. from the very brief look i got at the sequel, it likely has much more polish. You should probably remove the "that is all the content for this update" from the quest log if this is truly the final build. i still find it odd that it didnt even reach 1.0.0

whitehoney responds:

This game got cancelled pretty much which is why it didn't reach v1.0.0. Working with the game and its big loading time and massive texture file size was a big chore, so I dropped it and began working on a sequel with improvements.

the number of restaurants within like one block is true to life.
the fact that the outfits cant be used on two of the girls is a bummer

whitehoney responds:

I was planning to add a bunch of outfits for all characters, but the art was taking a long time plus the game's file size got too big for me to manage.


I keep saying I'm going to put this game down, but honestly, I can't, it's fun and after restarting 3 times I finally found out about objectives and how to save!

So much wonderful game
Even tough some mechanics mindblowing (if it would be some kind of slavery, like at Slave Lord(s), the feeding section would be undestandable, but it this kind of plot it seems at least... strange), the game is still amazing, eployees have their plots and the main story seems fair. Also the way of art seems encouragingly.
I bet you plan to do a dating sys instead of 'talking and gifts' what's gonna be interesting.
What i miss are 2 things, 1st is lack of sound during 'fcuk' while its only at the end of the acts, 2nd mouth wrap over the cok during blowjobs.
Thanks for the game and work well!

whitehoney responds:

Sounds during sex scenes will be in HFGR2, and mouth wrap over cock I will try my best with that! :)