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Cynthia's Bondage: Tangled Up V.1.0

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"Cynthia was attempting to catch a rare Tangrowth that she'd been following for a while. When she felt that she had it cornered, the pokemon suddenly vanished in the blink of eye. She felt something smooth grab her arm, a blue tentacle had latched on to her and she was suddenly pulled towards a nearby tree. Before she had any chance to struggle, multiple tentacles swarmed and wrapped around her body, one even went inside her mouth to ensure no one could hear her. At that moment, she knew she would have a long time to get acquainted with this new pokemon."

Short story by my friend Blastx234
This is also commission.

Individual GIFs >>>

Hope you enjoy it!

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As usual, great stuff. Personally I'm just not too fond of spread legs binding. Too common and overused for my taste. And I just don't really like it.
BUT this is still absolutely amazing work.

Aster-Effect responds:

i personally like them, hehehe 😅
thank you very much, thought it too short too 😅

why was she following pokemon dressed like that ESPECIALLY a tangrowth that knows bind? also i love this keepup the good work

I like this. Sounds are very funny and good.

Good; the squirming/writhing seem to be what you are showcasing. I would personally like to see more action, but a very nice start here!

Aster-Effect responds:

sure and thank you very much :D

Looks like she's going to be stuck there for a while.