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Can you read this. Reading it fun.
The audio is a little too loud, maybe. I’m not sure.
So be careful. I don’t want people to complain about the audio being too loud… again.
And don’t worry, there’s no stupid voice acting, so this movie will be less cheap then it already is.

I hope this movie will be

when rayman killed that bunny in the last movie” rayman vs bunny", bunny jesus wants rayman dead bucuse madness reasons.

This movie is a sequel to rayman vs bunny but I don’t see that much connections between them. Butt fuck it, if I say it’s a sequel, it’s a sequel.

Last madness day I said “next year I will make something bigger longer and uncut”, And I had some ideas for this madness day movie but then I idea about Rayman being in madness combat and I like that idea because they all have no arms and legs.
I wanted to show people that rayman is perfect for madness combat, rayman is cool and a badass but I never see anyone make something like this.
I didn’t want to wait for someone to make a movie like this because no one will. What kind of idiot would make something like this.
So that’s why I made this movie. to be the first idiot to put rayman in madness combat.
I hope more people make stupid/fun crossovers like this. Crossover are awesome!

I don’t know where the idea of having no arms and legs came from and I don’t know what is called so can someone tell me?

This movie was long to make because I was distracted and I was really mad at my older sister. But it was still fun to make. I’m afraid that you might see the hate for my sister.
But I still lov- … I still lo-.. I can’t even say it on newgrounds. You know what I mean.

The comic I stole- I mean borrowed without permission.

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ээээээээээээээм бля хуйня

that gay tricky joke was NOT needed.

Nicholas-Williamson responds:

actually it was needed, because there’s no hank x tricky shit and I thought it was a funny idea. and it was.
you're probably the first one that notice it. Thank you for liking the movie.

Dude that was fucking awesome. I literally cannot describe how awesome that was.

OMG the animation is very good rayman I stay 10/10

Great god, this is pretty great. Stiff animation, but really everything else is great about this. It's no masterpiece but it's still nice to watch these animations. I hope to see more of this.