Madness: Sierra Nevada Re

September 22, 2019 –
November 12, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Well how you can see, the game has not died somehow. Anyway I must thank R4in for taking the game under control and you all for supporting me even when
I wasn't working on the game. I have not decided to work on the game or not but I have thoughts about that.
Since there could be more content such as more achievements, dual wielding, options, and more because my project crashed and then got corrupted
so I had to start from scratch. To compromise that I decided to make the editor open for business and let you create your own levels (Not finished btw)
Also there's no decent instructions yet, so you have to figure out yourself and some features may not work as I mentioned before.
And since this time no demos as the separate submission and the game will get frequent updates if I decide to work on the project.
Patch v1.0.1
Fixed score becoming a negative value
Wiped all scores from everyone

WASD - Movement
(I'm sorry if you're AZERTY keyboard user, but the game doesn't have options yet.)
Left mouse button - Attack
Right mouse button - Throw/Pick up item
C - Bullet Time
E - pick up grenade shell
Shift - Look further
Escape - End the game
Mouse wheel - Lock the target


just wonderfull

one of the best games on newgrounds

Please keep expanding! I love it so far!

This game is Amazing :))

the control is buged and so is the colison as i am playing this game

Great game but only 2 glitches i saw 1: when you try to do an execution with a gun you get stuck in place 2: you can no clip out of walls in the heavy weapons room otherwise it is a great game

is it just me or does it get really fucking choppy when you try to attack

PLS whats that song name in the demo level ?
sorry my English is bad :

<deleted> responds:

Darude - Sandstorm

This was a addictive and quick game, gore and blood was revamped and there were unique cursors on other weapons.

The game was smooth and fast so it had no lag, the editor is enjoyable once you learn the basics of it.

The knife throwing kill achievement doesn't seem to be working for me. I also can't find the weapons in the demo level, only in the editor.

Hitches, unplayable.

<deleted> responds:

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Feels like good old Hotline Miami!
Greate work!

это жоще чем оригинальный а тут мяса матюки убийства мозги ну и знаете что ещё

A lot of room for improvement but it's pretty good

Honestly this is a downstep from the previous version. On top of it being slower altogether it also lags. The bug when dudes wlak through walls to grab a weapon doesn't help either.

This is a master piece. Madness + Hotline Miami = The Dream. Please continue this work. by the way. I like how you can stay in the car

While this game is fun and captures the Hotline Miami feel, I do feel that shooting through the doors have broken, which make some rooms harder than others.

Pretty neat, felt good aside from the glitch that put me out of the map around the storeroom with the heavy weapons, it occured when I was using the M16 and had a burst going, got a nice 5 combo but then as I said got taken out of the map.

Overall would love to play some more, will rolling/dodging be a feature planned feature if this goes further?

How do I pick things up?

<deleted> responds:

Right mouse button

Liked the game :thumbsup:

Need a way to play on laptops

pls, change finish animation when non-armed to old version anim. I NEED MORE VIOLENCE!

<deleted> responds:

Why should I change it to the older one if it is much longer and gives you a low amount of point? Also while permoning that finish some enemies you just knocked down will eventually wake up, get the closest weapon and you're dead not even finishing the guy.

its a great but keeps giving me the dead face

<deleted> responds:

Wdym by dead face? If you meant poker face well your expressionless isn't my game's fault. It may be your bad mood or something else.


<deleted> responds:

Ok buddy thanks

Once You Get The Flame Thrower You Have Already Won

<deleted> responds:

It wastes fuel very quickly (smh) and there's no point increasing it.

so good just one theing the axe softlocks you if you kill someone on the ground whith it


<deleted> responds:

That's great

R4IN responds:

I too

This game does have some bugs regarding Ai, some doorways and weapons, but it's actually a very good remake for what it is.
The theme is set, music isn't bad and the gameplay is nearly perfect for a demo.

Keep up on this. You're working with good potential here.

<deleted> responds:

Thank you, I'll rework on AI later when I add more features needed to the game including changing the door's mechanics.

i love this game!
i am a huge fan of hotline miami and madness combat. and this is the perfect thing.
great game. 5 stars.

Since this appears to only be a demo and you actually intend on fixing bugs and developing more levels, there are four bugs I encountered in the game. The first is that the screen jitters whenever the map moves underneath Hank. The second is that if your gun happens to be long enough to reach a character's head through a wall, you can fire the weapon and kill them through the geometry. Third was that I can't equip weapons that appear to be on tables, I actually spent some time trying different click combos and keystrokes thinking there might be some control schema for jumping onto elevated objects but no such luck, so some guns are absolutely out of reach. Glitch the fourth is that when Hank discards weapons, they can actually fly off the boundaries of the map and become unreachable.

All 'n all, it reminds me a lot of Stick Arena and Hatred. It's honestly surprising that a top down view Madness game hasn't been done before.

I think this game would benefit more from proactive enemy AI rather than purely reactionary AI who wait for you to open doors before leaping at you. It'd be more interesting if enemies could pick up different weapons & maybe even exchange intel on where you were last seen what you've done. This is all a lot more ambitious work than I'm sure you'd be willing to put in but those are just my two cents. I'm not even sure if AI complexity of that scale is workable in HTML5 anyway. I understand you're probably not up for it considering how frustrating it can be to have data loss and data corruption, something that's only happened to me about once or twice [apart from total hard drive failure, those are always nice].

Throwing the axe at an enemy then pressing SPACEBAR to initiate the finisher breaks the game, a few other noticeable glitches (taking an enemies weapon and throwing it out of the world leads to enemies being able to walk through walls).

Amazing quality Hotline Miami inspired fast paced top down action game.

So i installed a new graphic Driver,and the editor now is working,dude i want this game for my life

se me hace bueno solo que casi siempre se me traba no me deja moverme o solo me deja moverme en una dirección

Quick thing to note!!! bullets are stopped by doorways. which kind of makes some rooms impossible to clear.

You should make this a full game and sell it on Steam I loved Hotline Miami 1&2 and I love everything that involve Madness.

Entertaining but too short!. I can envision this game be an excellent tactical shooter game. For that to happen, you need levels and an arsenal (see Sierra 7), slower movements, intelligent AI, options to take cover, hacking and espionage (think of Batman Arkham series and Watchdog). Enemy and protagonist need to have health bars. Take inspirations from Crazy Flasher 5 by Andy Law.

Great game! Alot of the executions are broken tho (sledgehammer, hatchet, pistol, and some others i didn't find prob)

<deleted> responds:

Ye because there're missing animations so I'll add them later

I almost want to give points off for just doing Hotline Miami with not much else to it, but c'mon, it's a match made in heaven! This has a lot of potential since the core gameplay feels pretty fun and solid already, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes with it. Wish we had more to test with than the level, especially since it doesn't give much room to try out the various guns (maybe I'll try the editor out). Only complaints I would have at the moment is the melee feels a little odd and slow and the doors are weird, but you get used to it.

you guys did a great job combining one of my favorite video games with one of my favorite newgrounds series keep up the good work

okay this game it's still a demo when i see the [demo level] but it's still a really nice game! keep up guys don't let madness fans down !!

enemies pass through walls oftentimes but other than that its okay. the presentation is really good but the gameplay is severely lacking. i think this would work better as a hm2 custom level instead of standalone game. also reminds me of midnight animal, especially the hud.

Pretty badass game! Had a ton of fun with it.

I did encounter 2 bugs, however. The first was that when I first opened up the game all the music played at the same time. I just refreshed the page and it went away, so not a big deal. The second was when I dropped my gun and it went out of bounds.

This game is fucking awesome. its a bit short but awesome!

too mutch bugs
did you not tested this or what
but keep on going with this its awesome and has a lot of potential

looks awesome, feels like it really needs some stealth missions :DDD

oh yeah!

u guys made it!

finally another one of theese

i love this game

this is a early 2019 gift

love it

A little finicky but good fun!

When you punch the enemies at the wall where the other side is red-colored. There's a chance the enemies will go through it. making them to get stuck. Also when you shot through the door while it's open and you're at the other room, the bullets will never hit the other side.

Maybe is a strategy to make the enemies try to kill you, but still it's unfair. I really like the game though.

A pretty good Hotline miami game. But sometimes the control senes is not the better.

Keep with the good work.

Has its control issues with being just a rough demo but holy sh*t as a fan of both series, never thought this'd be a crossover I wanted in my life.

The game need lot of work, like lot of work because Laging like MF

it' feel a tad broke, with long load times and overlapping music files but I look forward to playing the final version, hotline miami not dead!

Game play feels sluggish due to the slow walking speed
Cramped demo level doesn't allow for proper use of the guns
Bare handed execution is a bit too slow
Some of the guns are so similar that they feel redundant
Melee hit detection feels slightly off

Overall good effort, catchy soundtrack

cant move and hit at the same time


gooood goood job men

i like madness :)

Good, but i feel like this would be better as a HLM2 Custom level instead of a flash game.


Awesome game

Excellent Job with everything!




Good game, can't wait for the bugs to be patched.

Good lord this is so buggy, though the concept is great. With a lot more work this could really be something very fun

good game

This was just... disappointing. The amount of bugs here is insane. You can go inside your car before all the enemies die. Pistol takedowns prevent you from moving. I constantly find my cursor going off screen that causes almost all of my deaths. I like to go quickly and take everyone out in Hotline Miami, but in this game, it's just not possible. I would love to see you guys fix these issues. If you look aside all the issues, you got yourself a pretty good Hotline Miami style game.

There's an invisible box in the top right room that's annoying as hell and you can stand on the lockers near the closet. Weapons sometimes get thrown outside the level. The wall hacker glitch has already been addressed. I cant pick up the sledgehammer and I cant find the knife either, where is it? I cant figure out how to get lock the target to work, my wheel just scrolls the page and click doesent do anything. Oh, one more thing, the red background sometimes flashes like lighting or maybe I've been up too late, idk. Other than all that its a really great game and understandable that there is a few errors here and there.

love the concept

its fine

It just feels like a slower and buggier version of the first demo but with a bunch of re-skinned weapons.

- Enemies go flying everywhere when they're unarmed.
(Including out of bounds.)
- Only one enemy seems to have the AI to use firearm weapons.
(And it's only the one they spawn with.)
- Trying to finish somebody with a gun freezes your character.
- The guns still feel far less efficient than the melee weapons. Almost feel tacked on.
- You end up clicking outside the game window all the time, a problem I didn't have with the previous demo.
- Everything feels slower. The player character moves at the speed of a tortoise with a hangover.
- I'm colliding with a stain on the ground. (near the chainsaw spawn point.)
- Unarmed enemies will fly through walls and start hoarding all the firearms.
- Executions/finishers seem to grant no extra points despite taking much longer to do.
+ The chainsaw is cool.
- It's swing speed is the exact same as all the other weapons.
- There aren't any actual enemies in the "Test Level" making melee weapons useless in it.
- No indication of how to gain more points other than combos.
- Even melee weapons (machete and axe mostly) can freeze your character during executions.
- Doors and windows look too similar.
- No incentive to do executions/finishers.

It's just not as enjoyable and worse than the first demo in my opinion

<deleted> responds:

It may be caused by cursor moving along with character and for this feature people were asking me to include. So I eventually included it, but it seems it has failed so I'll remove that feature if people decide to make me do that. I'm sorry for your bad experience, I'm trying my best.

Music name please

just incredible


Good it is working well for its current state of develpment although could use some better physics and ai

Enemies can move through walls!
Go learn A* pathfinding!

<deleted> responds:

Pathfinding is actually working, but you're talking about a mode where enemy goes fully towards at the object (i.e. Player, or item) and since AI was my pain in ass and I'm supposed to take all its modes under control and avoid chaos like you mentioned. I'll start reworking on AI soon but using different concepts with trials and errors.

i like this

lmao, if you died while executing someone you can continue to kill him

trying to execute with a gun breaks the game

R4IN responds:


Like the concept, It's just a touch buggy when it comes to people who get up again. - Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

Now the game can be played.By me at least.Also it's fun.

<deleted> responds:

Sure I'll upload a patch soon probably today

Works perfect, the ones who are crying are playing on potatos. Just need a fullscreen feature, because when you put the mouse out of the small window the character doesnt respond.

<deleted> responds:

It has fs feature at the left bottom corner in menu

Not ready to rate at this point, but I feel like I'm being trolled. always die before I can get a weapon, and punching back at the first sword guy isn't working. Might try on a more powerful computer with quicker internet later on when not traveling.
Anyway Loved all the Madness series so far so I expect this one in it's final stage to be good to.

Amazing game my friend. Some suggestions.

Unique Story
Multiple Characters

I know they can be a little ambitious for a game you're re continuing after all this time, but I won't be upset if they don't come. Don't worry.

<deleted> responds:

About multiple characters will be a thing when Hank is done.

Really like the concept but unfortunately it doesn't run so good on Chrome/Brave.

It is awesome and fun

Amazing improvement from the demo. However a few things.

1: On Chrome, the music sometimes overlaps w/the menu theme.
2: Gun executions can sometimes get you stuck in walls/stuck in general.
3: On Brave browser the game lags and I can't restart w/R and have to ESC then play again.

However, that might just be Brave. Chrome can restart w/R but the above issues are still prevalent. That said this is a great job. Please keep it up!

<deleted> responds:

The fuck is Brave browser?


pretty good but I have some complaints, for one the dot that shows where the mouse is is too small which made me click outside the screen, there's this glitch where the unarmed enemy run through the walls, hank sometimes glitches out making it impossible to fight, and for some reason butcher knives aren't counted as knives, so when I throw one at an enemy I don't get my medel.

<deleted> responds:

Ah shame on me. I'll start patching very hardly as soon as I can since I have school, family and etc. I want to rework on AI again. I always had a trouble with it so that's why it looks glitchy also i'll try to fix the animation bugs today if I can.

This is great but I got stuck when I tried executing someone while holding a gun and now I cant move.

this shit needs to become a full game

Actually well made HM clone done in the madness style. Verry cool would like to see more of this type of games on newgrounds.

where nice good vibe but when you pick up the axe and try to do an execution you get stuck, as well as it being possiple for you and the enemy to get out of the map

Oh boy do i love playing a nice game of i can't see shit why is the screen white

<deleted> responds:

That shit caused by your graphics card it's okay I'll fix that

There is a BUG when u fatality guy with axe bat and rifle? yeah rifle AND NO DOOR SHOOTING YET WHY?!


I instinctively tried to finish off knocked out enemies barehanded with spacebar. I was disappointed in it not being an option. Despite that, it's solid.

<deleted> responds:

You can also rip their jaw by pressing space if you get closely to them, so you don't have to knock them off. (Just sayin')

Fantastic game.
2 issues I encountered:
Enemies can't walk through the doors.
You can throw your weapon through the wall

<deleted> responds:

Well i can fix AI only by learning mistakes plus it's way more complicated than you thought

really awesome game. wish it was put on hotline miami

This is solid AF. I loved it.

Noice game!

something:it so easy

me:i fail so many

I like this but it tends to be laggy and there are still bugs. Like when I try to do an execution hank will stay in that pose for ever, grunts phasing through walls when they are afraid or just running and many more. Hopefully they can get fixed soon. This is still pretty fun nonetheless.

You seriously have to add something into the game to keep the mouse locked inside of the window. Other than that, this is pretty much perfect.

EDIT: Thank you for adding in the fullscreen button! That fixed the only complaint that I had with the game. :)
The aiming in the previous iteration of Sierra Nevada was better but you can probably easily patch it to work a bit better.

<deleted> responds:

I dunno how to do that, but I added fullscreen button so you can turn it on and perhaps I shall increase the game's resolution

Pretty awesome then the original! The sound effects, the blood and gore, the music is pretty nice! But the game is a bit buggy, which is unexpected, even for a demo and some unnecessary features.

The enemies seems to be capable of going through walls to pick up a gun 3 rooms over.

You can shoot through doors winch kinda seems unfair.

Bullet time is a cool concept on paper but ruins the fast paced action of Hotline Miami.

But this is a game that I can still go back to despite it's bugs. Thank you and Happy Madness Day!



i just realized today was madness day and then i clicked on this game not as good as the original but dang this is cool

Enemies don't appear?

This is a really frekin cool game!

Yes, thank god you have continued on this amazing project. thank you for the best madness day gift anyone could ask for, besides project nexus 2 or new stuff from krinkles.

Man, so this is the new hotline Orlando game i've been hearing about?

It's got some issues.

Need to lock the damn mouse to the game window, I died 3 times due to that.

just needs to be longer and this game will be fun as hell

I like that this one deviated more from Hotline Miami than last year's, as well as the smoother animation. The aesthetic is just overall more of what it should be for a Maddness game. Although, I hope you could soon add more enemy types to the project, like you did last year. But I get since you had to start from scratch, that wasn't your first priority.
(Also, you should put in your description that "r" restarts the game after you die. I'd been pressing esc each time lol)

MASSIVE Improvement over the first demo! I was so let down when I found out this was dead, the original had so much potential.
Everything feels so responsive and good now, I love it, I can also see the midnight animal influence.
The graphics look so much better, its so much more violent, less 'buggy' feeling, so so good.
Here are my complaints though, hank is way slower and more 'compact' than the rest of the enemies, which sorta goes against the point.
And you can also shoot through doors, idk if that was intentional or not but its kinda OP.
Cannot wait for the full release.

R4IN responds:

Thank you, the influence of MA is really noticeable

i didn't think it could get better... and it did

I've never clicked so fast.

I have a problem, whenever I die it doesn't respawn. Can this somehow be fixed?

R4IN responds:

If this is true, then it will be fixed.

Сделал член из жопа-крестиков


R4IN responds:

Народный герой!

I like the first demo more, the scores do not seem good to me in the first one it is more detailed, the doors had animation while in this one it does not have it, in how the grunts are drawn I think the first one is better than this Like the gore and in that the enemies do not move I do not like it also that sometimes when seeing Hank they only stay in that place still, also that it presents a bug in which the grunts run through the walls and then return suddenly and they kill you.

<deleted> responds:

Well I just returned to game just for today and R4in was messing with score system so I have to work with that too

so, im having an issue with it, whenever i load up the game its just a white screen. Its a bug right?

<deleted> responds:

I'll fix that in the next update. Probably your graphics card can't into webgl so you have to see this

Well, it was fun killing people as always, but it seemed too hard. I mean, just one hit took me out. I guess it takes awhile to get used to. While I got one medal at least. That's usually all I need for a game. Happy Madness Day 2019!

The style is faithful as always. I need to learn to attack without getting too close. Even with the gun it wasn't that easy. I'm sure I could win if I work harder! I won't.

норм на наработках корчмита норм у тебя саунтреки на генбурн похожи вствьте музыку генбурн она подойдет

R4IN responds:

Что ебать?

<deleted> responds:

егор хуйни не скажет

Bug report: executing an enemy with the hammer or the fire axe will display no animation and freeze you in place. Plus, thrown weapons and I suspect enemy lines of sight can't cross open doors. Oh, and an enemy started like running through the walls at hypersonic speed but that was only once.

Still an ass-kicker of a game, though.

<deleted> responds:

I'll fix that in future, but I shall take a rest since I hadn't sleep yet today.

Oh shit....

Like madness interactive, clicking outside the game window is the most frustrating thing in the world. other than that 12/5 juicy stuff.

RE: the cursor can still escape the play area in fullscreen, it helps but its still a thing.

also i tried to execute someone with the axe and got stuck.

<deleted> responds:

Tell me why did I include the fullscreen button in the main menu at the down left corner?

nice inspiration of hotline miami. kinda dumb you have to use level editor to get some of those medals. but yea bullseye works

<deleted> responds:

Well yes, I did not make the level but at least there's the way to make you open the level editor.

Damn this is so fun to play without lag and freezes... Great job! Even my shitty laptop can run this well! I suggest to add shadows to weapons that you can pick up, because i literally can't tell which weapon i can pick up and which not. Oh and by the way... Happy Madness Day!

<deleted> responds:

Yes, I just found the proper effect for them so I'll make an update as soon as possible

Pretty good game. The demo level was really fun, although it needs enemy variety. This is just a demo, so I'll excuse it. I found a few bugs though. One was where Hank glitched out, not sure how it happened so here's just an image of it. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/92384262027776000/625226317721239553/mkhHvR.png the other glitch is, if you try to execute someone with the axe, Hank gets stuck in place and cannot move. I'm also having trouble figuring out the level editor, but that's probably my own stupidity at work.

<deleted> responds:

That thing was haunting me the whole year. Once I tried to figure out and fix it but then I failed. I'll try fix it later sorry if it bothers you

CryNN responds:

the patch will be added
sorry for that

Finally its fixed... one playable short level for demo? Seriously? Year of waiting its weak and so far it is graphically looks great, but I definitely disagree that it is possible to shoot through the door. As a Hotline Miami clone it is perfectly copied (Animations), but that's all for now. This game need storyline!

R4IN responds:

Sorry dude, I didn’t have time to fix bugs, basically the idea of ​​“Rebirth” was to prevent the game from loosing content

<deleted> responds:

Well R4in was changing dunno why and what exactly. Also I could not miss that moment and as I mentioned in the description I'll patch my game and will update it, so no more demos every md.

Amazing bro!


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4.04 / 5.00